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There comes a time when you get tired of the daily humdrum and want to shake things up a bit. Ruffle a bit of feathers here and there to feel a sense of renewal. There are times when something in the current home is just not working out. Even after cleaning your room a hundred times over, it becomes a mess during the working week.

There are other times when we have big remodeling ideas but a small budget. There is no dearth of DIY home decor ideas online but it can take bit of time to go through and figure what you want to take up.

But here’s a quick fact. You really don’t have to change your entire home to improve it. Just one small change at a time, a nip here a tuck there and you won’t believe it is the same room! Don’t believe? Check these budget remodeling options

New painting on the wall

Our eyes search for interesting focal points in a room.  When you want a fresh conversation starter with a dash of colour, pick up an interesting painting that can be put up in the living room.  From landscapes, to real life, from marine art to abstracts, what exactly would you qualify as “interesting” and suitable for the living room?

An answer to this seemingly tough question is that you need to follow your intuition and your décor style. Abstracts generally tend to work with minimalist décor. Imagined and adorned landscapes can work with shabby chic and modern art can go well with eclectic.

Art is a way of expressing who you are. So there really is no right or wrong answer here. If you heart loves it, you’ll feel amazed every time you look at it.

Quick points:

Measure out your wall before you pick a painting

Make the frame stand out

You can hang a painting without drilling holes in the wall. See if that’s what you want to do

Make room for special lighting above the painting for added highlight

Don’t have the budget? Create your own after you are sufficiently inspired.

Change pillow covers

Who would have thought that changing this tiny thing can change the look of a house! Pillows casually placed on sofas or used as floor cushions are generally a way to bring together colours and design or throw them off a bit with their mismatch.

When you want to change your home’s look with this trick, choose your new pillow covers as a complete contrast to the old one.  If you’ve had light coloured pillows go for psychedelic and bold colours. If you’ve not played with patterns, go for ones with bold or animal prints. Or do the vice versa. Choose a new colour scheme. Go for a mix of small square and rectangle cushions for the couch and two big ones that can go with floor seating. Budget makeovers are really made of these.

New plants and flowers

This is one of the easiest budget décor tricks. In addition to fresh green, flower plants can add a lovely dash of colour to any corner. Also, pots of different sizes, shapes and textures can add a new dimension.

If you can find ground space for plants, keep them on window sills or on small wooden shelves created in the wall.  Choose easy to maintain indoor plants which you can “set and forget”. Succulents and mini cacti like jade, aloe and rattail cacti make great décor pieces. Unify the different plants with a set of neutral colour pots for continuity.

Other indoor favourites include ferns, pothos, spider plants, bamboo and rubber. Want extra drama? Add a waist-high bamboo in one of the room corners!

This arrangement has been done by Japan-based JP Architects.

Redesign the gallery on the wall

A photo wall is a great way to personalize your home and share your moments of happiness and pride. You create one not only for the guests who visit but for yourself too – as an everyday reminder of life’s wonderful moments with friends and family.

For budget remodeling, undo your current wall and refresh the photographs. Add new photos to the lot. If you’ve had ornate frames before, go for simple black ones that work with most walls. Be careful in selecting the size of the new frame as you may already have holes in the wall from your previous activity.  If you’ve chosen a haphazard setting before, go for straight lines this time. Use some nifty tricks to cover up any visible holes.

Budget makeovers: Change the place of furniture

Stuck with limited options because of budget home redesigning? You don’t know how big an impact this one tip can have until you actually do it – without spending a dime. Furniture placement is one of the permanent décor choices that we make for our home. Once the couch and center table and the shelves are in place, we go about redecorating our house around these items.

Change that. Put the sofa on a different wall. Move your recliner towards an open window to help you catch reading light. Shuffle the bookshelf to another wall (if it is a movable one). Your eyes will love the change – but just remember… it will take a little getting used to.

Buy one designer item

Richmond Full House Refurbishment A1 Lofts and Extensions Minimalist living room
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

You’ll have to set aside the budget décor for this one and make a one time worthwhile investment to beautify your home. Designer items are called that because an expert has spent time putting it together to get visible wow results. You can distinguish them from the roadside garage sale stuff.

Invest in one designer item – a couch, a decorative urn, a painting or another piece or art that simply stands out. It is bound to turn into the focal point of your room.

5 quick DIY Home décor ideas

- Add drawings to one wall with what inspires you. Choose from sprays to nature designs to wall art. Practice well with fabric paint before your do the real thing

- Open up a closed cabinet, paint the inside in a neutral colour and display your glassware with elegance

- Turn your photos into wall art by printing out their enlarged version and splitting them between two or four boards

- Change your curtains  / Add more curtains / Create your own custom roman blind

- Use mirrors  to create an illusion of space by stacking furniture right against it

Always remember, the devil lies in the details. Simply de-clutter and use the power of one for budget home redesigning—make one change to your home that can leave everyone impressed.

To make an impression read: 7 ways to add depth to your home with bright colours!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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