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What is it about a hotel bathroom that spells an added level of luxury and comfort? Be it the pleasant scents, crisp towels or matching toiletries, hotel bathrooms have an innate charm.

So what makes them different from our own bathrooms? Is it because a hotel bathroom is a temporary place of stay and our mind is in a more forgiving and exploratory mode? Could it be because we really don’t have to focus on the grub and grime and it's clean every time you enter? It is also completely decluttered with only the bare essentials in a neat view. The extra-large mirrors, the different showers and faucets and even the tub provide a perfect inviting ambiance.

It is probably all of the above that makes a hotel bathroom an attractive space. Is it realistic to expect that a home bathroom can become a hotel-style bathroom? Can some stylish bathroom hacks come to your rescue Yes, they can! And here they are.

Create a corner for relaxation

One of the coolest things about staying in a hotel is that you have extra time on your hands. Without a hundred pressing chores, relaxation comes easy. The tidy surroundings and fresh atmosphere help the mind wander from immediate worries.

While it may not all come together in your home bathroom, you can choose one corner where you can relax. Declutter that one corner on priority and scrub clean it thoroughly. Add a natural, earthy scent or even a touch of camphor which can effectively deodorize or mask odours. Give it a personal touch with one sea element like a shell or a bowl of bath salts.

Some quick bathroom tips for relaxation: make sure to keep this corner devoid of mirrors or reflective glass. If you like to read, add a small book o/ magazine holder.

White? OK, but not for everything

Most hotel bathrooms are white – and not just the regular white, you have a shade of spic-and-span white. White is an easy colour to work with. It offsets a range of materials beautifully – the marble panel, the wooden cabinet, the metal mirror sides or the green plants all stand out against a white backdrop. White also reflects the most amount of light making the bathroom extra bright in both natural and artificial light.

But white also poses maintenance problems. A little chip here, grime there and the bathroom immediately loses its sheen. Home bathrooms are typically hard to maintain on a daily basis. Most days, people are only able to give the floor a good scrub after use so that it doesn’t get slippery. The walls, corners and cabinets can’t be cleaned every day. So if you choose to use white in your bathroom to give it a hotel-like feel, keep the used minimum to the floor. Give a lighter shade of aqua to the walls and cabinets in the same color palette. You can give a detailing to the paint with small designs in places where the tile meets the paint. This unusual touch lifts up the space giving you an instant bathroom makeover.

This gorgeous ivory bathroom is designed by Brazil-based ArchDesign Studio and demonstrates the wonders of pale colour scheme.

A tub is a must

Nothing compares to a tub when it comes to describing a luxurious bathroom. A hotel bathroom is quite spacious which allows the placement of the tub in one corner and still leaves room for everything else. Home bathrooms, on the other hand, may not have as much space, but the good news is that you can find a tub to fit in even a small bathroom. With a clever makeover, this can be the most interesting corner in your bathroom.

If you are high on saving space, go for a 3-wall alcove-style tub with a fitted shower. The unfinished ends get sandwiched between walls and you also get added cabinet storage space. You could alternatively have the very romantic corner tub which is square in shape and fit for dual bathing.

Some other bathroom tips to add a hotel-touch to your tub are; jets and bubbles in a whirlpool tub, underwater LED lights to suit your mood, inbuilt speakers, and temperature control..

Don’t forget to add safety measures like non-slip floor surfaces, wide edges and extra metal grips.

Flowers everywhere

Interior of a country house Artem Glazov Modern bathroom
Artem Glazov

Interior of a country house

Artem Glazov

The one thing that stands out in a hotel is the attention given to details. Every little thing is set to please your eyes and serve your senses. Take this as a core and extend it to your bathroom decorating ideas.

From the windowsill to the space adjacent to the cabinet or bathtub, find room for fresh flowers wherever possible. Create a theme and set a variety of seasonal flowers in the same colour. For example, you can have marigold and sunflowers one week and orchids and lavender the next. The naturally humid environment helps the flowers stay fresh. Just make sure you condition the flowers by removing the excess leaves and stemming them to keep them fresh longer.

Use your favourite scents

Aromatherapy in the bathroom has a soothing and positive physical effect. You can add scented oils to a diffuser and also use a pre-made aromatherapy product like soap or candle. Essential oils can affect your body and nervous system and also evoke a memory. It’s best to use a slow diffuser rather than a candle.

Here’s what the oils can do for you. Make your own mixes to explore what works for you

For relaxation try lavender, basil, chamomile and sandalwood; for energy try peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus.  

Use opulent lighting

Lighting the Arts and Crafts Bathroom Brilliant Lighting Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
Brilliant Lighting

Lighting the Arts and Crafts Bathroom

Brilliant Lighting

Amp up the lighting in your bathroom with four different types of lights—task, accent, decorative and sparkle. Add fashion bulbs to the mirror sides, LEDs to the bathtub, sidelights just above the tiles and task lights near the mirror. Add dimmers that can work with your mood. Bathroom decorating ideas with light play can truly create a hotel-style bathroom.

Your bathroom is your personal space – a place where you can shut the door to the world to enjoy a restful and relaxed time. Don’t make it good—use our bathroom hacks to make it great!

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Which idea inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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