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When it comes to deluxe interior design and decoration, Hong Kong-based firm Sensearchitects Limited certainly knows how to deliver the goods. Knowing that architecture and design are endless, this interior design company continually strive to experiment with unique designs. The end results? Eye-catching interiors that speak not only of a high commitment to visual aesthetics, but also relate to the relevant client’s personal taste and style.

Today, we take a look at some of Sensearchitects’ previous works related to interior design and decoration – projects that have undoubtedly enhanced Hong Kong’s contribution to interior excellence. 

1. The open-plan kitchen of Grigio Cosmo

What could be a better kick-off point than the heart of the home: the kitchen? For this project (entitled ‘Grigio Cosmo’), the experts opted for a less-is-more look with the minimalism-meets-Scandinavian design, ensuring a cooking space that is not only perfectly functional, but also open, airy and oh-so welcoming. 

2. The deluxe bathroom of Aureus

The clean and subtle style continues in the next project (named ‘Aureus’), yet this highlighted area is another frequently visited space in any home: the bathroom. Taking well into account a bathroom’s need for adequate storage capacity, this design also enhances the neat-and-tidy look by opting for soft earthy colours, a delicate glow of lighting, plus a minimum amount of texture and patterns.

3. The main bedroom of Quercus Alba

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – we are, of course, talking about a dreamy view, which is one of this main bedroom’s prime selling points, thanks to the fact that it is beautifully connected to a floor-to-ceiling window where one can relish in fresh landscapes. 

Notice how the interiors speak of a laid-back and tranquil style with is subdued hues, minimalist lighting design, and only a handful of accessories. After all, the bedroom is the one space that must promote a sense of calmness and wellbeing, which is simply impossible in a room cluttered with overly designed pieces and décor. 

4. The multi-functional bedroom of JuglansNigra

From a bedroom intended for sleeping to a more multi-functional one, this dream space expertly includes a little practical corner that can be used for anything from working and studying to applying makeup. 

Notice how this bedroom opted for even fewer accessory pieces, firmly upping its commitment to a tranquil ambience. Any necessary working / studying material can neatly be stored in the shelves / cubby holes behind the expertly designed wooden wall around the corner. 

5. The exterior design of Grigio Cosmo

Before we close off this design discovery, we quickly revert back to the first project (Grigio Cosmo) to see if the exteriors were able to keep up with the interiors’ sublime style – and the answer is a definite “yes”. 

This spacious patio which beautifully spills over onto a fresh, green garden is a firm reminder that one’s commitment to top-notch interior style must remain sturdy when crossing over to the exterior spaces. Hence, this dream-like design with elegant seating, comfortable dining area, a delicate selection of outdoor décor, and a tranquil neutral colour palette that beautifully complements Mother Nature’s greens and blues.  

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Which of these interior designs inspired you the most?

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