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Generally, when we think of a toilet we picture a perfunctory washroom replete with the obligatory white porcelain receptacle, well positioned for all manner of unmentionable waste. However, the toilet can be so much more. A toilet doesn’t have to sit forgotten at the dark end of a corridor, in a dreary corner nook, or underneath the stairs; instead the humble toilet can offer a place of refuge, a quiet hideaway that not only smells good, but looks good too.

Today on homify we are looking at different ways you can make your toilet a comfortable, inviting, and thoroughly well-utilised domestic addition. If you are lucky enough to have a spare second toilet outside of your bathroom, then it’s time to make it shine (both literally and figuratively!). There are plenty of simple solutions to undertake this project easily and quickly; from choosing a new wall colour, to adding some scented candles or diffusers, you are sure to transform your modest toilet into something magical. If you need some handy hints, terrific tips, and stylish bathroom inspiration then take a peek below and renovate your toilet today!

Picking the right colour

Choosing the right colour for your bathroom and toilet will drastically improve the way you feel when inside the room. As colour has such a huge impact on the way we feel, you should look at the ambience and atmosphere you wish to create. Do you want a space that is serene and tranquil? Or perhaps you want a toilet that is welcoming and cosy? Nailing the vibe of a room is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your interior space.

If you want to create a warm and welcoming room, choose hues that are earthy and inviting. Brown, yellow, red, pink, orange and cream are ideal for presenting a sense of life and verve within the space, contributing to a sense of style and hospitality. However, green, blue, white, purple and many pastel tones will give you a spacious and cooler vibe. They will impart restfulness and help to create a feeling of composure. Choosing a colour for a compact space is often a tricky task, if you need some assistance, chat to a professional bathroom designer to get some handy tips and expert advice. 

Stamp out that stench

There is nothing worse than a toilet that smells! Get rid of that stinky odour by employing some scent diffusers or candles. These days there are plenty of different scent diffusers that can evoke any intended mood or ambience. Look outside what you might necessarily pick, and choose something a little fancy to inject that luxury aesthetic into your bathroom.

For the full shebang, choose a scent diffuser paired with scented hand soap, a candle, and an additional room spray for when it is needed. A good smelling toilet will instantly feel welcoming and far more luxurious than its odorous counterpart.

Wonderful wall art

7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



Who says art cannot go in the toilet? The toilet is simply another room of your dwelling, and you should decorate it accordingly. Choose pieces that reflect the atmosphere you want to create, and pair it with the colour and scents that you previously chose. For example, if you are attempting serenity and tranquillity, you might want a sea salt scented diffuser, a pastel blue or white colour scheme, and some photographic landscape imagery.

This example is a wonderful illustration of a toilet that has embraced wall art and created a welcoming and enlightening space. Here the theme is fresh and bright with a lime green wall hue, vivid artwork, and neat plant in the corner. The plant helps create a fresh atmosphere, and can help with keeping the air purified and odours reduced.

Simple storage

Toilets are generally compact spaces, and for this reason you will want to minimise the items you keep within the room. If you clutter the toilet, it will inevitably become stuffy, cluttered and cloistered, a far from the intended aesthetic and ambience. 

Employ simple storage within your toilet to house essential items such as:

- toilet rolls

- hand towels

- sanitary products

- soaps 

- cleaning goods

One of the best ways to inject storage space into your toilet without cramping the overall vibe and sense of spaciousness is with a combined vanity/basin/cupboard. Here in this example we see a stylish vanity that houses a small sink, with enough cupboard space below for all of the above essentials. 

Create a little ambience

Once you have chosen you toilet's hue, removed any odour, hung some wall art and installed storage, you will want to create mood. Mood is most commonly added with lighting, and this is the final stage that will complete your overall luxurious and enjoyable toilet. 

When considering lighting for your toilet you should look at the size of the space you are dealing with. If you have a compact yet slightly roomy space you will have more room to choose different lighting options, whereas if your toilet is extremely compact, you will probably want to limit the number of lights within the space. The compact example above is a good illustration of how to create mood using lights. The illumination is soft and subtle, and adds a warm glow that reflects beautifully against the beige tiled feature wall.  Wall lights are particularly helpful, and you should try a lower wattage bulb to add that extra ambience and delicate atmosphere. 

Think about your maintenance

Nobody enjoys cleaning a toilet, so it is a good idea to take some precautionary measures to create a space that is low-maintenance and easy to keep clean in the long run. Look at minimising furniture, and pick built-in joinery that doesn't touch the floor. In this example we see a vanity and basin that has been affixed to the wall and leave a wide space underneath. This is perfect for vacuuming and mopping, as the furniture doesn't inhibit the floor space. 

Additionally, the space is a neutral hue with surfaces that are easy to wipe clean and keep shiny. Accessories have also been minimised, with only the essentials kept above the toilet, and everything else in the simple vanity storage. To create contrast within this toilet space a grey tiled floor was employed, and a black-framed mirror has been hung upon the wall. 

Did this Ideabook inspire you to update your toilet space? If you would like to read more, check out Small bathroom design ideas.

Do you have any other ideas that might help improve a compact toilet space? If you do we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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