7 simple ways to regenerate your home

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Our homes are highly personal and intimate spaces that we share with family, friends and loved ones. Because they are areas in which we spend most of our time, it is important to ensure they feel inviting, stylish and express our personalities. Whether your home is simply a little run down, or you have just purchased a new doer-upper, a domestic regeneration can really give your property a boost in both comfort and value. But where does one begin? With so many different ideas and options it can be tricky knowing where to start. Luckily homify is here to help with some handy tips and tricks that are sure to get you on the way to interior design and decorating bliss. 

Today we have gone through a few rooms of the home that can present some real challenges, and offered up some different solutions to transform your space. From giving your garage a makeover and turning it into an adult's hobby room, to adding a luxurious media room, there are plenty of neat ideas to inspire your next home renovation. 

An updated lounge room and living space

Replace: any old sofas and seating that have had their day. Additionally, toss any light fittings that no longer offer the mood you are after, and ensure carpet and rugs aren't shabby or neglected. 

Keep: cherished items and furniture that you simply cannot part with. Any chairs or seating that possesses heritage value should be retained, along with original architectural elements within the room.

The living room is undoubtedly one of the busiest rooms in the house, and certainly somewhere one should ensure they are comfortable. Remove shabby or disused furniture and consider pulling up any flooring if it is damaged and unrepairable. Purchase a new sofa, and look at different ways you can create an open plan yet comfortable space. 

A separate bedroom space

Replace: any mattresses over their intended use-by age. Generally a quality mattress is good for 10 years if it maintained, but over time they can become uncomfortable. 

Keep: pieces of furniture that are still in good working order. These days there exists a plethora of different DIY projects that can allow you to transform older furniture into new and trendy pieces. 

You spend a good part of your life asleep so it is important your bedroom is comfy and cosy. Ensure you have a separate bedroom area that is quiet, tranquil and peaceful by sectioning off a space away from the rest of the house. If you live in a studio apartment this will be trickier, but can be done by employing room dividers to create a segregated space. 

An adult's playroom

Replace: junk and useless items that have been stored for no reason. All clutter has to go!

Keep: any built in storage if it is still usable, this can work wonderfully when you create the hobby space. 

Whether you or a family member is into woodwork, cars, music or any other pursuit, a hobby room can really improve your dwelling. Take some cues from this brilliant example above and transform an old room, a garage space, or any disused area of your home into a fun place to play and unwind. 

A child's playroom

Replace: an old colour scheme that might be dull or disinteresting. A new lick of paint can give a room a totally fresh feeling and a sense of vivacity. 

Keep: your child's toys! There is nothing worse than creating a new playroom with toys that your child doesn't have a connection with. Toys have memories for children and they are an important sense of safety and comfort. Speak to your little one before throwing or donating any of their toys. 

Remember your child's playroom should be bright, entertaining, and a place where they can enlighten themselves and their creativity; look for items that you can add to regenerate the space with energy and verve. 

Stylish media room and bar

Replace: shabby furniture and old lighting. A media room needs good lighting as it is very important to the overall mood and movie watching ambience. If you are unsure of the lighting for the space, chat to a professional lighting designer to get the correct atmosphere, for what will be one of the family's favourite rooms. 

Keep: any ultra-comfortable seats or sofas you might have in your home. These comfy chairs will be perfect for a media room as they are well worn in, and ready to be used. 

A media room is the ultimate home luxury, and can provide a neat space for the family and friends to gather and socialise. If you are feeling extra adventurous in your home regeneration consider an additional bar. A bar will turn your media/theatre room into an entertaining space, and a perfect area to host an event. 

The at-home gymnasium

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Replace: dangerous equipment, or equipment that may not suit your space. Who hasn't considered the myriad ab-blaster machines sold endlessly on late night television and thought that a home gym might be a great idea? Unfortunately, some of these machines simply aren't up to the task. Make sure you get rid of useless items and invest in good equipment. 

Keep: a light colour scheme in the room. Light colours can help within a gym space as they portray a sense of freshness and energy. 

Forget exercising at the gym, these days the height of efficiency is being able to sweat it out at home. Find a spare space in your dwelling, be it a garage, guest bedroom, or any other disused area and transform it into a practical and useful domestic gymnasium. 

A relaxing place to unwind and rest

Replace: old fittings, fixtures, and outdated décor.

Keep: an area for a large tub or spa. 

Last, but certainly not least we arrive at the home spa. A spa is the ultimate luxury, and can be the perfect place to unwind and relax after a stressful day at the office. Remove any old hardware such as small tubs, or rusty taps, and give your room a complete makeover. Consider purchasing a spa bath (if you have room), add plants, a light colour scheme, and relish in your own personal spa space. 

Did this Ideabook inspire you to give your home a domestic refresh and to regenerate those old, tired spaces? If you would like to continue reading, check out Tranquillity at home.

How do you improve your living spaces and inject them with life? 

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