Before and After: Spectacular Facade Transformations

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What could be more exciting than seeing the complete transformation of a property and reveling in its newfound beauty? With summer around the corner, we're here with two amazing renovation projects to warm up your day!

The first project got us really talking, and well, thinking about how design can truly change things. See how a run-down Mexican home can blossom! For the second, we take you to southeast France and a small town named Mours-Saint-Eusebe, where we find another before-and-after story worthy of a fairy tale.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

Before: A tired and simple dwelling

Our first project is Casa Tania, a house redesigned by Neutral Arquitectos, a group of architects and designers in Orizaba Veracruz, Mexico. When you think about a house, it is extremely important to realize its potential; you never know how much you can achieve with a design or a structure unless you imagine every little corner and think about every little detail. Casa Tania gives you the unique opportunity to see a complete transformation of an otherwise unimpressive house. It is not just a restoration project; it is about transforming an entire space.

As you look at the house, the first thing that you notice is the grubby green walls and the hint of pink. Both the colors are quite gloomy, and even pink cannot spread its charm. Although the hint of white is quite strategic and creates a soothing effect, it can hardly cover up the shabbiness and mundane look of the house. The patch of green in front of the house could be well-utilized to create a garden; instead, it seems out-of-place and extremely unimpressive. Even the wall by the side makes the house gloomier. The flat roof and the haphazard arrangement of windows and doors do not create a good impression about the house. Even the stairs in the middle of the green do not create any difference to the overall look of the house. Instead, it looks flat and extremely mundane. The house looks as if it going to fall down and needs some serious restoration. Also, you will find an acute lack of interest in the design of the house; there are hardly any sparks of brilliance. Everything about this structure is flat and uninspiring

After: A stunning asymmetric home

There is a marked difference in the way the old and the new structure looks, and it is not only the facade but an entirely different design approach. The flat structure is gone; instead, you encounter an asymmetrical design in order to accommodate the house in a small plot. The interface of the house is quite changed; with long French windows creating ample scope to let in the air and light. The subtle hint of green seems more purposeful than the otherwise flat stretch of green which looked quite out of place previously. You will also be glad to notice that a certain portion of the front yard has been converted to keep your car. The combination of white, black and grey in the facade makes it look smart and sleek, as compared to the unimpressive green and pink of the previous structure. This new structure indeed shows hints of brilliance especially in the clever use of space; the plot is small, but it has been intelligently converted to create a beautiful two-storey home.

It is difficult to imagine a house so completely transformed, but one should always remember that it is the thought that translates into the design. Unless you can think of something brilliant, the house will look mundane and boring.

Before: A drab and dated bungalow

Now we take a hop across to another continent and this property in Mours-Saint-Eusebe, southeast France. This house is plainness personified, and nothing about the colour scheme or the architecture makes a good impression on the onlooker. And the existence of a leafless tree makes it all the more obvious to the onlooker that very little thought has been spared for the house. That is of course till the family decided it was time for change and handed over their house to the capable team at Helen Lamboley Architects.

After: A bright, geometric masterpiece

Some houses are designed to enthral; it is difficult to imagine that the old facade could be so brilliantly transformed into something so stylish and wonderful. The natural material chosen for this intervention was a light, bright wood. The look of the wood was kept completely natural to enhance the dramatic effect. Add to that outdoor seating, a pergola, waterproof flat roofs, metal sun breaks and aluminium joinery and you have a stunningly different house. The wine-red outer wall is a marked improvement when compared to the lifeless colour scheme of the previous facade. The combination of wood and concrete has worked brilliantly for the new structure, with the L-shaped upper storey creating a nice diversion. The perfectly maintained lawn, the nice portico, and the large glass doors contribute to the overall stylish quotient of the house.

After: A simple and chic interior

Inside, the light breaks in through the blinds and touches the rooms with a warm cosy glow. The use of resin and light oak inside adds a contemporary look to the interiors. The dining room here has been designed as the perfect spot for a family dinner or an informal gathering with friends. The combination of beige and black has worked perfectly for this room as it exudes a smooth, soothing effect.

It is difficult to imagine a house so completely transformed, but again, we see the power of imagination in architecture!

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Which of these homes inspires you the most? Are you a fan of asymmetric design? Let us know in the comments!

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