The quirky and stylish Hong Kong apartment by S.LO Studio's Head Designer Lo Eli

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Located in Hong Kong, S.LO Studio is a first-rate interior design firm focused on a range of services for its ever-increasing list of clients. These services include, but are not limited to, creative branding, concept design, interior design and styling, and art consulting. 

What makes S.LO Studio a cut above its competitors is the fact that this multi-disciplinary studio combines holistic, creative services with strong business, operational and client management. This ensures exceptional results for each and every project, regardless of location, budget or client. 

For today’s design inspiration, we take a look at one of head designer Lo Eli's most recent accomplishments: a residential space, known as ‘The Upton’, owned by a couple of wine and travel connoisseurs. 

A style with personality

The homeowners, both of who are home based, wanted their personal style to shine through in their 93 m² home, which is a rental with a view of the Hong Kong harbour. And since their home acts as both a space of retreat as well as an office, that called for some rather creative planning in terms of furnishings, décor, and layout. 

Here, a custom-designed bar cabinet houses a collection of wine and spirits while the wall art ensures a touch of personality. 

Details for the dining table

Although S.LO Studio has only been on the scene one year now, head design Lo Eli has certainly worked with her fair share of clients over the years. And in this designers experience, she agrees that it’s always exciting to take on clients who are clear about what they want, yet are willing to experiment and play with existing elements and push conventional furnishings and accessories out of the way for something more… exceptional. 

Case in point, the dining table. What could have been a simple table designed for dining and socialising instead became something out of the ordinary due to handmade leather-wrapped vases and wine buckets for centrepieces. That should certainly save on prepping in case of spontaneous socialising!  

Delicate little touches

It’s not only the dining table – leather details are scattered all throughout the interiors, starting at the entrance where they conjure up coat hangers for increased functionality. 

Don’t you just love it when interior design is beautiful and clever? 

Dazzling art

Remember that we said this unique little home is privy to harbour views? Well that becomes so much more vital at sunset as soon as those golden rays spill over the harbour into the living room, particularly onto these sheer fabric panels dangling above the sofa. The result? Warm and cool colours delightfully glowing into the living room’s palette. 

Details for the home office

All work and no play… Fortunately, clever planning avoids that problem, thanks to a daybed (complete with a street view) for those crucial mental breaks and/or a comfy night-time reading spot. And yes, the proper planning includes the lighting factor, as can be seen by that well-fitted wall lamp! 

(More) Details for the home office

But when it’s time to get back to being productive, leather makes its appearance yet again – this time, in the form of a stylish active sitting ball chair (much better on one’s back). 

More leather

This raw and sexy material makes an appearance again when we locate the wardrobe, styling up those handles along with golden-finished hardware. A vintage French wine crate in the back makes for quite the stylish wall art, spilling the goods on one of these fascinating residents’ interests!

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What do you think of the delicate details that make up this Hong Kong apartment?

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