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The floor of a room receives the heaviest traffic, thus becoming the target of every little misadventure and resulting in an old, dirty looking surface. Cleaning that mess on the floor after a hard night of partying with friends is one of the most tiring chores that none of us want to do! But leaving those stains on for long does more harm than good. If you too are someone who is struggling to maintain a clean, spotless floor then you have come to the correct place! This article discusses some extremely simple yet highly effective floor cleaning tips to give you have a spotless floor in your house. So whether you have tiled, laminated or wooden flooring, just read ahead and get introduced to some amazing cleaning tips!

Resin flooring

If possible, then get a sacrificial layer of acrylic polish on your resin floor so that you'll be able to maintain its glossy finish for years to come. Having the sacrificial layer over your resin floor will not just make it more resistant to spills, scratches, and blemishes but will also make it slip-proof and thus prevent any untoward accident. With a sacrificial layer in place, removal of blemishes and scratches would also prove to be much easier. Once the sacrificial layer is in place, all you would need is some light cleaning of the floor with a mild floor cleaner. In the case of spills, try and absorb the spillage as soon as possible, though.

Laminated parquet

Though laminated parquet floors are water resistant, never make the mistake of cleaning them with water. Though very sturdy, laminated parquet floors need to be regularly swept and then dry mopped. You could also opt for vacuuming your laminated floor, but never ever use a wet mop! In the case of liquid spillage, you should immediately soak up the liquid and if the liquid has left a stain, then spot clean the place with a slightly damp cloth dipped in some floor cleaner. This is all that laminated floors need when it comes to cleaning.

Real parquet

Because of its versatility and unique designs, parquet flooring has become extremely common even in Hong Kong too. Having been made of wood, it is imperative that you do not use water when cleaning your real parquet floor. For all the dirt, crumbs and dust that gather on your parquet floor; make use of your regular vacuum or dry mop and get a clean floor. Again, any liquid spills should be wiped off without delay and never ever use any abrasive cleaning agents on your real parquet floor. Make sure that your parquet floor remains dry at all times. A clever idea to prevent wear and tear of real parquet floor in heavy-traffic areas is to make use of rugs.

This beautiful flooring is from the house of The Natural Wood Floor Company located in London.

Small tiles

Tile floors are another very popular flooring option in Hong Kong. If you too have a small tiled floor, clean it with a mix of warm water and vinegar. A simple damp mop would be sufficient for regular cleaning, though. For a little more heavy-duty cleaning, employ your steam cleaner to clean not just the tiles but the grout too. However, for cleaner floors, steam cleaning can also be done periodically – every 3-4 months. Make sure that you allow the floor to dry to prevent any streaks on it.

Dark tiling

Don't be deceived by thinking that dark tiles require less maintenance and cleaning. In fact, stains and spots show up equally on dark floor tiles and they thus need adequate cleaning too. So never ever make the mistake of allowing the stains to build up! Rather, address stains immediately and spot clean them with a mix of water and vinegar or some floor cleaning agent.

Light tiles

Light coloured tiles for floors are an eternal favourite across the world and Hong Kong is no exception! If you too are someone who has light coloured tiled floors in your house and are looking for cleaning tips, make use of mild detergent cleaner or floor cleaner only. You can regularly clean them with a mixture of water and detergent and never worry about losing their glaze. For more heavy-duty cleaning for some stains, use special cleaning materials. However, stay away from harsh chemicals. Also, make use of your steam cleaner occasionally to make your floor look new.

Classic stone floor

Stone floors are perfect for warm climates like Hong Kong and thus have been quite popular in the country too. When cleaning them, sweep the stone floor first and then mop with a dry cloth. Again, never ever make use of abrasive and hard, chemical cleaners. Also, stay miles away from vinegar and other acidic substance which can react with the minerals present in the stone. You can clean the floor with a damp mop weekly or fortnightly.

Concrete floor

Clean your concrete floor with some heavy-duty scrubbing. Mix equal parts of water and some floor-cleaning agent and then use some muscle to clean your concrete floor. You could also make use of some ammonia which will clean your dirty floor in a jiffy. However, keep in mind to always refer to the concrete contractor’s cleaning guidance.

Natural stone

The natural stone-tiled floor is another very popular choice across the world and Hong Kong too is no exception in this. Available in various types of stone, they need little maintenance and can be cleaned easily by using stone soap and water. Stay away from all types of bleaching agents which can damage your stone floor, though. You could also use a steam cleaner on your natural stone floor.

Organic materials

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Having organic material for floors such as bamboo, cork, and others is fashionable but needs higher maintenance as they are more prone to scratches and wear and tear. So be extremely regular in sweeping your organic floors and then stick to the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning them.

With a little prompt action and regular cleaning you are sure to increase the life of your floor! So get started and have a spotless home too.

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Did you like these ideas? How do you keep your home sparkling clean? Let us know in the comments!

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