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Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Cool climate all year round in Ba Na is one of the reasons why this place has a magic attraction to visitors. One of the reasons that the French chose Ba Na to build into a resort is because the climate is considered the spring of France. The Golden Bridge is designed extremely impressively, like a golden ribbon drawn from the mountain and supported by the giant hands of a powerful god

Geographical location About 2km from Ba Na Hills to the East, Toc Tien waterfall located in Suoi Mo is a beautiful waterfall with an altitude of 700m and a year full of 12 months, water flows nonstop to Thuy Duong Lake. Note: it is advisable to book in advance through Booking and Agoda to avoid room out of room during high season. Fauna: 256 species of vertebrate animals (61 mammal species, 178 bird species and 17 reptile species) Characteristic of the Southern Truong Son fauna with species of yellow deer, crocodile, bat, golden wolf, pheasant stars, purple pheasant, long-tailed monkey, python

French old villageWith the old French village, you no longer need to go all the way to the far west to admire the massive architecture, the royal villas and squares. Not only is there an open mechanism from the government, but most of the people unanimously cooperate to develop tourism in the city. VND 000 / child from 1m-1m4, free for children under 1m

Even when I go out to do business now, I introduce Sun Group, there are people who do not know what company is, but reminded It was immediately known to Ba Na Hills. But the actual number I think will be better. This is one of the most modern cable car systems in the world with speeds of up to 7 m / s, with 23 pillars and 144 cabins

Each garden has a theme, planted with pages decorated with many types of flowers, creating a colorful natural space, attracting visitors. Ba Na Hills 1 day tour In the hot heat of Da Nang city up to At 37oC in summer, the average temperature in Ba Na is about 18oC, the lowest temperature is 2oC in winter and the highest is 25oC in summer. The best time to travel Ideally is from April to September every year

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