9 Hong Kong roof terrace essentials

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If you are privileged to reside in a Hong Kong apartment with a balcony, you are a very lucky resident. However, if instead your apartment boasts a rooftop terrace, you should consider yourself in a very fortuitous position! Not only do rooftop terraces provide a fabulous view over other buildings, but they offer a huge amount of entertaining and living space, perfect for crowded city life. 

Today on homify we are going to look at what it takes to turn a terrace from mediocre to magnificent. Our 9 roof terrace necessities include items you may take for granted such as a comfortable dining setting, to more luxurious accessories such as chic tableware, and rooftop cooking essentials. Read on to learn the 9 fundamentals you need to create a fun and fabulous outdoor space. 

1. Shade

If you live in Hong Kong you will know how quickly the weather can turn from cloudy to sunny and from sunny to rainy. For this reason you may want to consider a shade, or weatherproof umbrella. This will ensure you and your guests stay comfortable during all weather conditions.

2. Deck chairs and loungers

What good is a roof terrace if you cannot enjoy it comfortably? Deck chairs, banana loungers, rockers, or any other type of seating that takes your fancy is essential to a stylish and practical roof terrace. If you need help choosing furniture and picking your rooftop design, chat to an interior decorator or designer.

3. A dining space

The roof terrace Zodiac Design Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Zodiac Design

The roof terrace

Zodiac Design

Al-fresco dining is a brilliant way to enjoy meals with friends and family. Make the most of your outdoor terrace and create a functional dining space, which will allow you to host lovely events and parties. 

Note: Don’t forget to include #1 as an essential if you wish to keep your guests happy (and dry/sunburn free)!

4. Subtle mood lighting

Mood lighting is crucial to creating mood during the evening. Invest in candles, lamps, and other neat forms of soft amber lighting to evoke a sense of magic on your rooftop.

5. A place for the champagne

tone_bucket LL Rin crossing KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware
Rin crossing

tone_bucket LL

Rin crossing

What would a rooftop terrace be without champagne? Good barware will increase the sophistication and style of your terrace, as well as ensuring it is party-ready this season.

6. Chic tableware

Garden Party Lemonade Drinks Dispenser Dotcomgiftshop KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware

Garden Party Lemonade Drinks Dispenser


In addition to creating a bar, you should think about your tableware as well. Whether you have a dining setting or not, nice glasses and crockery will make all the difference to your overall experience. This large Mason jar drink set is super-cute and would suit any outdoor area.

7. Cosy throw rugs

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Quilts by Lisa Watson

A stack of Finest Harris Tweed quilts

Quilts by Lisa Watson

Although the weather barely plummets enough to warrant throw rugs, there are times when a Hong Kong roof terrace will get chilly. During winter, temperatures hover around 10-15 degrees and a warm rug will make all the difference to ensuring your space is usable year round.

8. Foliage and vegetation

Adding plants drastically improves the ambience and atmosphere of a space, and a rooftop terrace often provides ideal growing conditions for plants that cannot live indoors. Ample sunlight, and plenty of rain will mean your rooftop should have a head start over many other balcony gardens.

9. A barbecue

For our last essential accessory we have suggested a barbecue. Barbecues are perfect for grilling food that is often too smoky for inside. Additionally, a barbecue is a great way to get friends together, socialise and enjoy your rooftop terrace to its full potential.

Do you own any of these neat terrace accessories? Read more about balconies and outdoor spaces here: Fabulous ways to decorate your garden with plants.

What do you look for in a stylish rooftop terrace? Let us know if any of the above examples tickled your fancy in the comments below!

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