9 clever storage solutions for your balcony

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Balconies are the clutter-magnets of the home. Pet accessories, children's toys, bikes, watering cans, cleaning products and anything that tends to create a bit of dirt ends up out there. And because our balconies are often out of the way, these things just tend to pile up as we focus on the day-to-day. Then next thing you know, you're not even using your balcony as it was intended—as a place to enjoy a little time out from indoor life!

So today on homify, we will explore 9 great storage solutions for your balcony. They range from the small and smart to the inspirational and beautiful. So come with us for a few ideas and get your balcony in tip-top shape. Let's go!

1. Stepladder storage

Ladders are a great way of using vertical space without installing permanent fixtures. This is a particularly great solution for those in rental properties.

2. Inventive wall storage

Balconies are almost always suited to wall storage. A simple iron wall fixture like this will keep your floor space feeling clear and spacious. It can accommodate hanging plants, hooks and shelves to mix up as you please.

3. Utilise your seating

Often we just need a storage space to hide unsightly items. If you have some outdoor seating, the space beneath the seat should really be utilised for this kind of storage. The wooden bench here would work perfectly.

4. In-built table storage

If you have the space for a table, consider something with a built-in central storage container like this. It won't impact on your floor space and acts as the perfect holder for communal dishes.

5. Open wicker baskets

Tetbury Hall Bench with Cushion The Cotswold Company Corridor, hallway & stairs Storage
The Cotswold Company

Tetbury Hall Bench with Cushion

The Cotswold Company

Open wicker baskets can easily be tucked under bench-style seating and make for easy accessibility. They simply need to be gathered and brought inside when it's raining.

6. Wooden cladding storage

Wooden cladding adds the perfect outdoorsy feel to your balcony. It's also a very beautiful way of creating privacy and storage. Note how the wooden planks here provide support for open shelving.

7. Add a little historical flavour

Older antique wooden furniture is not commonly used outside because it isn't as hardy or waterproof as newer materials. But if you have a balcony with lots of great shade, these beautiful old indoor pieces can add a lovely vintage flavour to a modern apartment balcony.

8. Low seating with high wall storage

If you have a very small balcony and don't want to build storage under your seating, consider making your seating very low to the ground. This adds a nice, relaxed feel to the space and allows for lots of wall storage on the higher wall.

9. Stowable outdoor furniture

The easiest way to sort out your balcony storage is to think smart about your furniture. Look at the scale of your space and consider downsizing and using furniture that can be hung from a rail. Handy pieces like this pop-out hanging table by Nimio can just be folded up and tucked behind a chair when not in use.

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Which of these ideas is your favourite? If you have any more balcony storage ideas, share them with our readers in the comments field below!

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