Suffering from mosquitoes? 6 ways to beat them!

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Living in Hong Kong's monsoon-influenced, humid and subtropical climate, mosquitoes are commonplace. During the cooler seasons we notice a drop in their numbers, but as most Hong Kongers will attest, summer is a volatile, mosquito-filled experience. These days, due to climatic factors, we are faced with more and more of the little pests. In our country, mosquitoes are fortunately fairly harmless, however, they can sometimes carry dangerous diseases. Even though these diseases are very rare in Hong Kong, there have been a few cases of dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis, and for this reason it pays to be away and discourage mosquitoes from entering your home. 

So what can you do to prevent mosquitoes? The most important tip we can offer to fight mosquitoes is actually to make sure they stay outside. Sure, this is definitely easier said than done, as these pesky insects always seem to find a way to sneak and slink into our homes. To keep your abode mosquito-free, we've collated 6 helpful tips that are sure to reduce their numbers and ensure your dwelling is comfortable and insect-free.

1. Close windows and doors at sunset

In general, mosquitoes are especially active in the evening and at night. Surprisingly the only mosquito that is active during the day is the tiger mosquito. However, as this particular mosquito is fairly common in Hong Kong it pays to be aware of keeping doors and windows closed as much as possible, not just at sunset.

Additionally, if you have a water feature in your garden or near your dwelling, you should also stay extra vigilant, as these can be popular breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

2. Windows open and curtains closed

Often during the warmer months of summer we tend to want to keep windows open at night once the day cools down. This provides a nice breeze, as well as flushing out any odours or stuffiness the house might have accumulated during the day. However, this is a primary entry point for mosquitoes, who come out from dusk onward to feed. 

Keep your windows open, but try keeping your curtains shut as well. This will essentially act as a mosquito net for your space, and make it far more difficult for bugs to enter the home, while still allowing cool air to enter your bedroom

3. Hang a mosquito net

We've all been there, you brush your teeth, fall into bed after a long day, switch off the lights only to hear that pesky high-pitched mosquito buzz right past your ear. You switch the light on, but alas, there are no mosquitoes to be seen. This process will repeat at least a couple of times before you fall asleep and wake up with a host of itchy red bits in the morning. So what can be done? 

If you have had enough of sleepless mosquito-filled nights, the simple solution is a bug net. Not only does a mosquito net stop any unwanted insects from spending the night with you, it also adds a stylish and romantic vibe to your space.

4. Invest in houseplants that mosquitoes dislike

Did you know that even plants could repel mosquitoes? Certain varieties such as eucalyptus, lemon and catnip are wonderful for discouraging a range of different insects. Consider employing some of these plants on your balcony, terrace or outdoor space to deter and dissuade any unwanted creatures from coming to visit.

To find out more about the right plants for your garden chat to a professional gardener via the homify website today!

5. Use soft lighting

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to bright light, so naturally dim lighting helps to discourage them from entering your home. Additionally, these fury-inducing insects are attracted to heat and odour, which bright lights can often emit. Opt for soft mood lighting indoors that will avoid attracting any insects (including mosquitoes), as well as give your dwelling a comfortable aura and ambience.

Moreover, candles give off heat and can draw them closer to you and your dwelling's occupants. Choose scented candles such as citronella to discourage them from your abode. 

6. Ensure circulation of fresh air

Mosquitoes weigh virtually nothing, and therefore do not fly well in a breezy environment. Create constant air flow in and around your home by installing a ceiling fan and a freestanding fan. This breeze will mean the mosquitoes have a harder time stopping and landing on your skin. The breeze needn't be strong either, a soft flow of air is generally enough to discourage them. Moreover, this constant circulation of air within your dwelling also ensures that you abode stays free from odours and smells. 

We hope this Ideabook provided you with some handy tips and tricks to keep you and your family mosquito-free this summer! If you would like to keep reading, check out: 11 ways to add tropical decor to your home

Do you have any additional mosquito tips for our readers? Share your wisdom with us!

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