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Before and after: a dull apartment gets a playful upgrade

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PADIGLIONE B Modern kitchen Slate Grey
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Caprino Veronese is a beautiful Italian municipality famous for its idyllic countryside setting, fragrant vineyards and stunning traditional architectures. But fashionable modern apartments are also rearing their heads in this region, to cater to the needs of the urban population. Dingy and dated homes are receiving gorgeous makeovers to allure buyers or renters with contemporary mindsets.

And Strike is one such apartment in Caprino Veronese, which caught the attention of the architects at Padiglione B for a makeover adventure. Though bare and unimpressive at first, the abode was decked with modish design elements and individualistic decor accents for an endearing final result. You will especially adore the balanced use of bright colours and art installations which make this residence unique and cheery.

Before: dingy but with potential

The main hall of the apartment was quite spacious and boasted large windows. The colour of the walls, ceiling and floor were, however, uninspiring and without life. A lone bureau stood in one corner, while the rest of the space cried out for aesthetic furnishing and decorations which could stand out.

After: arty living area

The predominant use of white has now added spotless brightness to the living space, while simple but elegant concrete flooring takes the area to a style haven. The plush brown couches along with the ottoman make for comfy seating, while a blue wall-mounted TV table adds a hint of zing. Bright and quirky artworks adorn the walls, and we particularly love the old-fashioned phone art on the space above the TV. A globular and exclusive piece of lighting adds panache to the room, along with the vibrant cushions.

After: cook and dine with pleasure

An open-plan layout has been followed in this residence, where the living area leads to the kitchen and dining space. Sleek cabinets line the open kitchen to meet storage needs, while a grey backsplash works wonders in hiding stains. A futuristic light hangs over the quaint wooden dining table and the bunch of fresh flowers on it. The chairs are a unique touch of course, with their woven metal frames and fun legs.

After: a bedroom with a difference

White prevails as the dominant hue in this cosy and invigorating bedroom. The simple but plush bedding, the glossy wall-to-wall cabinet, and the uncomplicated bookshelf contribute to the beauty of the room. But what catches the eye is the pair of colourful art installations on the wall facing the bed. They are quirky, out-of-the-box and fun!

After: beach vibe in the bathroom

The classic but refreshing union of white and blue has turned this compact but well-planned bathroom into a beach-inspired space. We are instantly reminded of cool blue waves and white shimmering sands when we step inside it. A glass shower enclosure occupies a corner of this room; while a sleek clothes drying rack stands beside the basin for easy access to towels.

It is commendable how a boring old apartment was given some simple but inspiring tweaks in terms of design, texture and colour, to create a happy and cosy home. It impresses us with its simple but stylish furnishing and off-the-beaten-path decorations. Check out another before & after story for more ideas: A plain home gets an industrial-scale makeover.

What do you think of the bold pops of colour in this apartment? Has this makeover inspired you? Let us know!

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