9 ways to live big in a small space

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Larger homes are inextricably linked to our society’s definition of success – the bigger the dwelling you reside within, the more successful you must be. However, the popularity of smaller dwellings is on the rise, with many individuals choosing micro homes, tiny abodes, and compact apartments to both save money, as well as reduce their impact on the environment. A larger property requires more maintenance, more money, and more time, reducing the available hours we have for family and doing things we love.

Today on homify we are taking a look at small homes that baulk the trend of ‘more is more’. We are looking at how you can live big in your compact space, without sacrificing or distracting you from your family and your interests. If you reside in a small home, read on below for some neat design tips and fabulously inspiring tiny dwellings.

1. Ensure you have enough storage

First things first, you should ensure you have adequate storage to maintain a neat and tidy interior. Having your possessions strewn around the house will make things feel muddled and cramped. Under-bed storage is the perfect way to maximise your space in the bedroom.

2. Create an open-plan layout

Remove walls and you will be removing barriers to a sense of spaciousness. Open-plan compact homes feel larger, roomy, and boast a far more desirable aesthetic, to their separated room counterparts. 

3. Work with double-height spaces

Often what compact homes lack in floor space, they make up for in ceiling height. If your small dwelling has high ceilings, you might want to consider a mezzanine or loft, which will add valuable floor space to your home. 

4. Get creative with your decorative items

If you only have a small space to work with, don't scrimp on luxury furniture or decorative items. Purchase with the mantra of quality over quantity, and fill your abode with interesting and unique ornaments and furniture. 

5. Go minimal

As we repeatedly say here at homify, minimalist interiors are undeniably the way to go when you are lacking in space. They are clean, crisp, and offer your home a neutral uncomplicated aesthetic. 

6. Don't be afraid of dark colours and hues

While maintaining minimalism in each room, you might want to consider darker hues or a colour scheme that features shadowy tones or textures. It is a myth that dark colours don't work within small rooms, and conversely, they can actually provide a rich depth and ambience. 

If dark colours and hues still feel elusive and tricky to implement, chat to an interior designer for some quick and astute advice. 

7. Keep everything clean

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Canary Wharf Living Room

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Just because you live in a small home, doesn't mean you can neglect your cleaning tasks or chores. Keep your space spic and span, and you will find it far more enjoyable to reside within in the long run. 

8. Focus on your kitchen

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If you are living in a small or compact home, focusing your attention on the kitchen can provide a luxurious space in your dwelling that functions as a multipurpose area, not simply a place to cook. Kitchens are often hubs within the home, and by refreshing your kitchen you are undoubtedly going to give your abode a massive stylistic upgrade. 

9. Make the most of every centimetre of space

Finally, but no less importantly, we come to our final point of making sure you make the most of every inch of space within your home. Look for nooks and corners that are underutilised and turn them into stylish eye-catching focal points, or places to add useful storage. 

We hope our Ideabook provided you with a few ideas and inspiration to live big in your compact abode! If you would like to keep reading, check out: 5 simple ways to declutter your home

Do you live in a small or compact home? Tell us how you 'live big' in the comments below!

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