5 simple ways to declutter your home

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As the saying goes cleanliness is next to godliness. This ancient tenet, purportedly established by the Babylonians and Hebrew religious groups, essentially dictates that one must be orderly, organised, and clean to achieve spiritual purity. While not necessarily a requisite for actualising divinity, the Babylonians do make a decent point—a clean house often does equal a clean mind, and to keep one's abode spotless is undeniably a step in the right direction when attempting to bring about order and purity.

But where does one begin when pursuing a chaos free, tidy abode? The solution lies in decluttering your interior. Clutter and mess are stress inducing, and will alter the ambience and atmosphere of your dwelling drastically. After all, a neat, organised and clutter free space is undoubtedly one that promotes restfulness and relaxation; essential when living a busy or hectic life. 

So, fill your home with positivity and harmonious vibes by checking out our 5 top tips to declutter your home below!

1. Remove anything deemed unnecessary

First things first, you need to audit your belongings. This involves going room to room and determining what is necessary, and what is simply in the way. Easier said than done, this is probably the most labour intensive step that you will complete when decluttering. 

Be brutal, be bold, and remember to think realistically about what you need to keep, and what you need to toss. Hold onto sentimental items, or pieces with significant nostalgic value, and rid yourself of anything you no longer use. You don't need to throw everything away, but you do need to keep an open mind regarding what is actually contributing to your life, and what is simply in the way. 

Take your time, breath deeply and efficiently review, analyse and examine your home's contents. Once you have removed the bulk of your clutter, it is time to move onto Step 2. 

2. Set up a regular cleaning schedule

Once the majority of your clutter has been removed, you will be left with a pared-back version of your dwelling. Now it is time to clean. Grab that mop and bucket, don your finest rubber gloves, and get to work scrubbing, shining and polishing your interior. 

To keep this process regular, it is important to set up a routine to clean your house. This might mean mopping on a particular day of the week, and vacuuming on another, or simply religiously putting things away after each use. 

If, like many city dwellers, you find yourself time-poor and lacking the sufficient hours to dedicate to cleaning, chat to a professional cleaning company, and get the job done on-time and efficiently!

3. Ensure your storage is adequate

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Storage will help your home remain clutter free, so it is crucial you ensure your household miscellany is deposited in an adequately sized storeroom. This can include bookshelves for ornaments and reading material, or a loft space for bulky yet essential items. Look at your storage requirements and make domestic changes as necessary. 

4. Focus on what you cannot see

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Just because you cannot see the clutter doesn't mean it isn't there, and the kitchen is the first place you will want to investigate for hidden mess and mayhem. Behind each cupboard door you need to ensure that it is clean and clear, free from superfluous or redundant junk. 

Remove expired food from your pantry, broken or cracked crockery from your cupboards, and keep the space fresh and debris free. 

5. Don't forget your bathroom!

An easily forgotten space within our abodes, the bathroom is often the final frontier when it comes to decluttering. Pull everything out of your drawers, cabinets and shelves, removing expired lotions, medicines and useless accessories. Only keep what is necessary, and employ drawer dividers to ensure items are segregated and easy to access. 

We hope our Ideabook inspired you to work a little more efficiently when it comes to cleaning and decluttering your abode. If you need some more domestic inspiration, or would simply like to continue reading, check out: 10 quick ways to make cleaning easy!

Have you successfully decluttered your home? Or perhaps you are yet to begin? We'd love to hear about your decluttering experiences below!

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