8 tricks to speed-clean your home in 15 minutes

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Living a time-poor, hectic or frenetic existence often means you’ll lack sufficient hours in the day to get all of your domestic chores and tasks completed. However, this doesn’t mean you need to live in a pigsty and forego your home’s tidiness or organisation. Generally, we all strive to keep a home that is neat, uncluttered and spotless, but the reality is that life often gets in the way. From last minute events, or unannounced guests, to simply preparing for that surprise family dinner party, knowing how to quickly clean your dwelling is a skill that most people dream of developing.  

The fact is, cleaning doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, and tackling one item at a time is the key to getting any degree of mess under control. To get you started, we’ve gathered and collated our step-by-step guide to speed cleaning your dwelling. We’ve got 8 simple tips, which won’t deep clean your dwelling, but will ensure it is presentable for any unforeseen visitors, lodgers, or occasions. Are you ready to begin cleaning? Get underway below!

1. Refresh the bathroom

If you are cleaning for guests or visitors, you will want to ensure your bathroom is spic and span. Add toilet cleaner, and while you are waiting to scrub it, polish and clean any surfaces. Grab the toilet brush, scrub until clean, flush, and spray some air freshener to remove any unwanted odours.

If you need extra assistance cleaning or organising your home, chat to a building cleaner and get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

2. Remove living room mess

The living room is definitely one space that gets a little messier than the other rooms in your home. Take five minutes to remove clutter, pack away books, re-fluff sofa cushions, and straighten the rug. 

3. Polish kitchen surfaces

Grab your multi-purpose cleaner and get to work polishing all the surfaces in your kitchen. Pay particular attention to any spills on cupboard doors that may have gone unnoticed. 

4. Stack the dishwasher

Stack your dishwasher with crockery, dishes and washables from around the house. Look in each room, as glasses can sometimes hide unseen and unclean. 

5. Clean junk and papers off of the dining table

The dining room table is one of the most common spaces to accumulate junk, papers and mess. Remove all of these, pop them into a bag or drawer to be sorted at a later date, and polish your table's surface. 

6. Perfect your bed

Next up: the bed. The bedroom is one of the quickest spaces to clean, and can be transformed easily and effectively. 

Make your bed by pulling all of the covers into the right place, fluff any throw cushions and keep your quilt wrinkle free. 

7. Remove clothing from the floor

Now it is time to head around the house and ensure you remove all of the dirty clothes that have be thrown about and left on the floor. Wander logically through each room at a time, making sure to grab any items and toss them into a laundry basket. 

8. Wash all of your linen

Finally, the last step before your home is clean, it's time to throw all of those collected clothing items into the wash. This will ensure your laundry baskets of dirty clothing don't linger and create an unwelcome odour or appearance. 

Voila! Your home should now be sufficiently clean and tidy, ready to host those unexpected guests. 

We hope this Ideabook provided you with a few handy hints and terrific tips to keep your home spic and span! If you would like to continue reading, check out: 9 simple ways to make your home more Zen

Do you see any essential cleaning tips missing from our list? If you'd like to contribute, leave a comment below!

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