Ghastly to glossy: a compact home gets a shiny new look

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LTAB/LAB STUDIO Modern living room
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Today, we are in the Italian town of Orzinuovi, an place endowed with a mix of both traditional and modern architecture. You join us on a makeover journey of a compact apartment here, which was originally lying as a listless and bare shell. It lacked any form of furnishing colour or texture which could make it suitable for cosy living. But now, owing to the efforts of the architects at Ltab/Lab Studio, this abode is a medley of cheery and arty aesthetics and promises comfortable functionality. The available space has been utilised to the fullest, and the flat is ready for practical and progressive owners. Intrigued to see more? Read on…

Before: boredom was the word

Completely unadorned walls and a lacklustre floor previously marked the apartment. The residence lacked any kind of furniture, decorative accents and even lighting. The layout also needed clever planning to accommodate a living area, kitchen and dining space.

After: a stunning change

A mix of concealed and focused lighting now ensures adequate brightness and cheeriness for the home. A half wall which also serves as a countertop and subtly separates the kitchen from the living area, while the dining nook sits close by. A dark navy blue sofa offers plush seating for many, while a rich velveteen rug adds pizzazz to the floor. The apartment looks way smarter and livelier than before.

Before: doorways of doom

Prior to the makeover, the doorways leading to storage niches and the private quarters seemed dark and boring. They desperately required some jazzing up. The whole space was uninspiring and claustrophobic.

After: a peppy and arty turnaround

The same doorways now lie behind funky sliding panels which lend a fun touch to the kitchen and dining area. The sudden bursts of lime green offer vibrancy and break the austerity of grey and white. The dining table is a simple white affair accompanied by slim black chairs, and the cleverly illuminated kitchen beckons with its modish charm.

After: small but effective

Pristine and glossy white dominates the kitchen, which has been sensibly equipped with sufficient cabinets and drawers. There is ample room for organising cutlery, crockery, dinnerware, and so on, despite the apparent scarcity of space. The cabinets above the sink have powerful task lighting fitted on their underside, which helps you to focus on what you are doing with ease. Lime green touches on the door panel and on the floor mat lend a chirpy tone to the culinary atmosphere here.

So this once drab and despondent apartment now flaunts an all-new style high with the incorporation of comfy furnishing, bright pops of colour on a white canvas, and intelligent planning that reserves space for all that you need on a regular basis. The well-known artistic inclination of Italy as a country has also been imbued in this flat with the chic door panels. 

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What do you think of the quirky sliding panels in this apartment? Would you try something like that?

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