6 Tricks That Make Low Ceilings Appear Higher

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We all love big, spacious houses with lots of space, light, and air. But unfortunately, the reality is often different. If you're not lucky enough to live in a spacious old building or an ultra-modern villa, you usually have to make do with homes with low ceilings. It automatically makes every room appear narrower and smaller. But that doesn't mean we have to feel suffocated and trapped in such houses.

With clever tricks, fabulous ideas, and suggestions from our professional designers, you can smartly make low ceilings appear higher and airier, thus contributing to an unrestrained, friendlier, and spaciousness for comfortable living. Today, we have brought you six helpful tips for making rooms with low ceilings look great while ensuring that they don't restrict you or get on your nerves.

1. Choose the right colors

The choice of color plays a significant role in rooms with low ceilings. It is recommended to paint the rooms with low ceilings in light shades so they don't appear overwhelming. Bright white, soft cream or delicate pastel tones are best suited for low-ceiling rooms because they visually open up the room, reflect light better, and create an illusion of a ceiling with a height. This way, the room appears much larger and brighter. It's best to use cool tones, such as light blue or lilac, to bring a little color into play. It creates the impression of space, and the ceiling appears to have some depth. 

In general, experts recommend making the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls, as this puts the latter in focus and makes the room appear higher than it actually is. For low ceilings to appear spacious and airy, making the walls as bright and fresh as possible is advisable. Dark tones would make the room seem cramped despite the light ceiling. However, things are different regarding the floor covering: Here, you can work with a darker color. It will make the ceiling and walls appear brighter and higher.

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2. Tips and Tricks with the lighting

Proper lighting significantly affects rooms with low ceilings and often changes the look and feel of the room. It is advisable to avoid lamps that protrude from the ceiling, such as lavish chandeliers or large pendant lights. Instead, use wall lights to set accents. The light should be radiated from these over the entire ceiling, thus visually opening up and making it appear more airy. In general, it is advisable to use indirect lighting. If you don't want to do without light on the ceiling, you should opt for recessed spotlights, which offer a harmonious mix of focused and scattered lighting. It gives the impression of an airy and spacious room. In addition, sophisticated floor lights can also help to bring another exciting lighting facet into play that distracts from the low ceiling.

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2. 1. Large ceiling light for a spatial effect

You can benefit from a stunning spatial effect if you choose such a ceiling light, as shown in the image. The bright light can unfold beautifully, and your furnishings will not be disturbed. The modern and timeless design of the lamp fits most interior styles.

3. Choose the right furniture

You can also cleverly make low ceilings appear higher by choosing furniture. You should pay attention and keep the decor minimalist. Do not overcrowd the room; too much furniture would increase the feeling of confinement. Avoiding massive, dark wall units and other bulky furniture in rooms with low ceilings is better. Instead, experts recommend compensating for the low ceiling height with simple, airy furniture pieces in light colors and creating as much distance as possible between the furniture and the ceiling. Slim sideboards, low seating furniture, and deep tables are very suitable. Even delicate shelves are always a more sensible choice than massive cabinets. In general, avoid standard-sized furniture because the furniture of standard height draws attention to the fact that the ceiling in this room is lower than usual.

4. Optimize the wall design

We have already mentioned that you should choose a light wall color in rooms with low ceilings. But that's not all you can do regarding wall design to make a room appear higher, more spacious, and airy. In interior design, too, you can use one of the popular tips from the fashion world: vertical stripes visually stretch and create a slim silhouette. Vertical stripes make rooms with low ceilings appear higher and vertically spacious. Other, bolder patterns are also permitted as wallpaper. However, it is crucial to ensure that the patterned wallpaper lines up directly with the ceiling and that no white stripes are visible on the wall.

5. Turn windows to your favour

Large glass surfaces are a tried and tested hack for making narrow, small, and low rooms appear more spacious and visually open them up. They bring a feeling of lightness and let in lots of light. This makes rooms with low ceilings appear more spacious and open. Of course, not every home with low ceilings has large windows. But then, you can do a lot of tricks with the right curtains. To enhance the feeling of height, hang floor-length curtains as high as possible. It is best to place it directly on the ceiling. It will draw the eye to a long, vertically flowing element that conveys height. Transparent curtains also make narrow rooms appear airier and brighter, removing the restrictive effect of low ceilings.

6. Accessories the low-ceiling room in a right way

In addition to curtains, many other accessories help us make rooms with low ceilings appear open and spacious. Just like large windows, mirrors also have an opening, illuminating effect. It is best to choose large-format models, which take up a large part of the wall and make low ceilings visually expand and appear higher. You can also achieve sophisticated effects with works of art and picture frames. Narrow, high frames or pictures arranged one above the other emphasize the verticality of the room. It is best to place individual works of art a little higher on the wall than usual because the viewer has to direct their gaze further upwards, thus creating an illusion of height. You should also choose the motif yourself carefully. In this case, vertical lines are more suitable than horizontal shapes.

All tricks – Applied in the bathroom

The tricks we presented for visually creating height in low-ceiling rooms work perfectly in the bathroom. The low ceiling height – old building or not – is concealed by the color choice of the wall, the lighting, the color choice of the floor, and the choice of furniture. The crucial idea in this bathroom with a low ceiling height is to paint the wall light to create a feeling of depth between the ceiling and the wall! The light gray of the wall contrasts with the white ceiling with integrated lighting. This creates what feels like more space. The window is the wall decoration in the bathroom. The white frame makes the window with the view of the greenery appear like a framed picture.

The low bathroom furniture, i.e., the bathtub and the washbasins, fulfill the previously described effect of sideboards and other soft furniture and visually stretch the walls.

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