7 brilliant little pools that fit into every garden!

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Machen Sie Ihr Zuhause zum privaten Wellness-Paradies mit einem POLYTHERM Edelstahl-Whirlpool, Polytherm GmbH. Polytherm GmbH. Modern pool
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There isn't a lot of space in the garden, but you don't want to miss out on a small pool or at least a plunge pool. Then get a few ideas about mini pools in this article and see what is possible. We'll show you how to have your spa pool and how you can even use the space on the terrace for cool water.

1. All year round pool

This small, cool water is a mini pool, sea salt water plunge pool and sauna plunge pool in one! Even with little space and little money, this model can be implemented in any garden.

The little one was named @wat and can be used all year round. Three flat plastic canisters serve as a simplified solar system and bring the water to a comfortable temperature. In winter, a controlled pump ensures that the water is constantly circulating and the plunge pool can therefore be used continuously, for example as a refreshment after a sauna session.

2. Pool for relaxation

You can't do extensive swimming strokes in this pool, but it does have a special extra: it has eight different massage jets that take care of tired and tense muscles both under and above the water. To round off your relaxation, you can make yourself comfortable on the underwater benches.

3. The complete wellness package

With this high-quality stainless steel whirlpool you can create your little wellness paradise on your terrace at home. The 5.3 m² outdoor pool is equipped with two ergonomically shaped loungers, each with six massage jets, as well as a bench with air bubble inflow channels, a floor aerator and a waterfall shower. The nubby pelvic floor ensures a pleasant tingling sensation under your feet.

You can also only be amazed at the technical equipment: an electric heat exchanger ensures comfortable warmth, while automatic water treatment enriches the pool water with oxygen so that the bathing water is crystal clear at all times—without the use of chlorine.

4. Round pool

Nobody says pools always have to be round. That's why we would like to introduce you to an original, round model. With this mini pool, it is the interplay of fascinating natural stone and turquoise-green water that creates the magic. The storage area planned a little above the water is practical and can be used as a shelf for refreshing drinks and snacks.

5. Materials for the pool

No matter which pool you choose, non-slip flooring is essential. In this example, the rectangular pool is framed by a dark wooden floor. The pool itself has a natural stone surround. If you want to integrate your small pool harmoniously into its surroundings, these natural materials are a smart choice.

6. Useful pedestal

If you can't or don't want to dig a hole in your garden, you can also build the pool into a platform. In this case, the steel wall pool was embedded in a platform and surrounded by gravel and paving stones. The terracotta-coloured tones, the stone wall and plants create a Mediterranean flair that creates a small oasis of peace.

Looking for tailor-made solutions for your garden? You can get them from our pool experts!

7. Build the pool yourself

This well-known, popular and much cheaper variant of a pool should of course not be missing. This mini pool comes in a steel tube design including accessories and can be set up independently. An accompanying floor carpet protects the lower part of the pool from damage caused by earth or sharp objects. A four-step ladder makes getting in and out easier.

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Our extra tip: the whirlpool

Now you have seen many great tips on how you can install a pool. A mini pool in the garden is something special for children and adults. You don't want to build a pool, but you still want a garden with a pool? Then we have something else for you: Another great alternative to the pool is a whirlpool, which you can easily connect yourself. Whirlpools for the garden or terrace are available in different sizes, so there is sure to be a suitable model for you that will allow you to relax in both summer and winter. A small pool fits on every property.

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