​Before and After: 7 Fantastic Bathrooms Makeover Without Any Renovation!

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Renovating our house is always exciting for all of us, isn't it? With good research and even a slight interest in home decor, the proper planning, and interior decor ideas and inspirations available, we know that renovating our home will ultimately be worth it. But do all renovations have to be complicated? These before and after bathroom renovations we brought for you today are all about creating an elegantly pleasing bathroom out of your existing one without even using a single brush stroke.

It is made possible through creative imagination. Even bathroom designers believe that minor changes are often enough to elevate the elegance of the bathroom decor. So, if you're considering giving your bathroom a makeover, check out these 7 before and after bathroom makeovers before renovating your bathrooms. Modern and elegant, these bathroom decorations work wonders and look aesthetically beautiful. Have a look!

The Dream Modern Bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom? That's understandable: We all probably dream of a modern, spacious, bright bathroom like this one, which is undoubtedly an oasis of comfort and elegance.

Unfortunately, the bathrooms are neglected and not renovated in many rental apartments. As indicated, today we will show you how to achieve maximum benefits with a few simple changes on a limited budget and with little effort. Check out our gallery below with ideas for Renovating a small bathroom: before and after.

We will show you that you can renovate a bathroom without major renovations. We have ideas for every bathroom, no matter how old-fashioned they are. We can show how you can increase the feel-good factor without architectural changes. So start your bathroom project, renovate your bathroom, and feel the elegant makeover in before and after bathroom decor!

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1. Before: Small, Bright Bathroom with Dark Tiles

From a purely functional perspective, this bathroom has everything we expect from a modern bathroom. The large window also provides beautiful lighting that gives the bathroom a fair amount of brightness. Unfortunately, the dark tiles overwhelm the small bathroom. The personal touch is also completely missing here. It's time for clever changes.

​After: Colorful Details Liven up the Bathroom

The bathroom gains enormous radiance once the red rug and the orange planters are added to bring vibrant brightness to the bathroom decor. The wall shelf reminds us of a ladder, brightens the dark wall, and is simply the perfect addition. It is an ideal example of how just a few (colored) elements can significantly impact a small bathroom decor.

​2. From Carelessly Neglected to a Feel-good Oasis

Looking at this bathroom, we immediately notice how carelessly and partly improvised the design is. The bottles look out of place and are far too small to have any decorative effect. Did you see the shower curtain? Without it, this urgently needs to be improved! So, the blue shower curtain was changed to a neutral version that fits perfectly into the bathroom. The added plant elements invite us to linger. Isn't it incredible how quickly and easily the mood of a bathroom was positively impacted with little changes?

​3. Before: An Impersonal Bathroom Decor with Lots of Empty Space

At first glance, the question immediately arises: Is this bathroom even being used? You'd think we were in a hospital. Everything seems cool and sterile, and there is not even a minimal decor here. This bathroom's good size and empty space are clamoring for some decor. 

​After: A Minimalist Wonder

What a makeover! Isn't this minimalist bathroom decor just adorable? The bamboo and wooden elements and the carpet make it completely new, adding warmth to the decor. The succulent plant on the mirror is a beautiful idea to bring a little more life and personal touch into the room. It's minimalist, modern, and invitingly elegant at the same time.

Fits in Every Bathroom!

This superb cabinet fits even in the smallest bathroom. It takes up hardly any space, and you can store many things in a space-saving and functional manner to keep your bathroom clean and organized.

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​4. Before: Cool, Dark and Out-of Style

You have to stare for long to find something positive about this bathroom. The tiles are still in good condition. You can save on the renovation costs of tiles. Otherwise, it's: Start again, please! Everything has to go, and the bathroom design needs a major makeover.

After: Full of Radiance, Warmth and Elegance

What a transformation. The subtle color of the sink, toilet, and bathtub perfectly contrasts with the newly added wooden elements. Pay particular attention to the floor mat and the seating area where the bathtub used to be. This bathroom radiates warmth and elegance. Who wouldn't want to take a long, relaxing bath here?

​5. Before: This Urgently Needs a Makeover

Oh dear, what a sight! This idea book is about renovating on a budget and how to spruce up the bathroom without significant renovation. Unfortunately, you cannot restrict yourself to these requirements to change the decor of this bathroom. The sink and bathtub must be replaced to make a beautiful impact on the bathroom decor.

After: Finally a Modern Bathroom!

Isn't it a beautiful change? The modern sink and the neutral design of the bathtub reveal the bathroom's elegant view. We could bring out a successful combination of practical and decorative wooden elements and personal details with a little addition here and there.

​6. Before: A Small Shower Room with Little Light

This small bathroom is a real challenge. It's not particularly large and doesn't have a large window. Small, dark, and bordering on the old-fashioned, we need to juice our creativity to make a substantial change here. But can this succeed?

After: An Orchid with a Touch of Elegance

Our interior design experts have once again done a great job. If you take a closer look, you'll see a pattern. By adding wooden or bamboo elements as well as colored carpet elements, you can make any bathroom a beautiful place. The art, of course, lies in the perfect combination of both aspects for exquisite detail of the bathroom design. The orchid brings an unexpectedly elegant flair to the previously dark bathroom.

​7 Before: A Colorful Bathroom with No Personality

At first, you might not know whether this bathroom is beautiful or ugly. On the one hand, it is completely out of style, but it exudes a retro charm, which is contradicted by the unimpressive curtain. On the whole, the bathroom lacks any personality. So why not make a virtue out of necessity? After all, there is a lot of potential here that is simply unused.

After: Retro Bathroom with a Perfect Finish

Who would have thought that this bathroom could look modern again? Thanks to the yellow tiles, the retro charm has been retained and has only been cleverly expanded with a few dark wooden elements. Suddenly, the bathroom shines with a great mix of old and modern charm. The green towels give the bathroom the finishing touch, so we have no choice but to say: A fantastic bathroom!

And for those of you who now want to redesign the bathroom with a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas and would also like to change a little more: 10 low-cost steps to a hotel-style bathroom! Have fun discovering!

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