28 tips to beautify your home with little money

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Regardless of whether it has gone out of fashion, you no longer like it, or it reminds you of something unsightly—there are many reasons to decorate your home or living room differently. For most of us, when we want something new, small changes are the order of the day. Who can afford completely new furniture and accessories? But that doesn't matter at all, because even with little money you can achieve impressive results that even interior designers are enthusiastic about.

We have put together 28 ideas for you that are cheap and easy to imitate. In addition, most of them can be easily changed again if you no longer like them.

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Before we start: The classic

Do you want to set up anew? Before we introduce you to our great furnishing tips and tricks, let's remind you once again of the classic: pillows and home textiles such as blankets immediately create a new ambience in your living room and bedroom. No matter whether you prefer colourful cushions or muted colours, there are no limits to your taste.

Set up comfortably and spend little money: that's entirely possible. Furnishing and sprucing up a new or existing apartment is a lot of fun for us. We find projects that can be carried out cost-effectively particularly impressive. Furnishing cheaply and creating a new look: that's fun for us! For this reason, we have put together our favourites for you on how you can beautify any room.

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1. Several chairs can be replaced by one bench

This looks cool and adds more variety.

2. Coloured wall

Painting a wall a different colour can create a completely different feel to the room.

3. Not interested in classic shelves?

Look for alternatives like these wooden frames.

4. String lights

Fairy lights can take away the severity of a room and bring cosiness.

5. Old vintage pieces

Old vintage pieces from grandma bring a very special charm.

6. Wooden elements

Wooden elements in the bathroom make it look a touch more elegant.

7. Furniture made from pallets

Furniture made from pallets is a cheap and beautiful alternative to traditional models.

8. The chairs in the dining room

The chairs in the dining room can be mixed colourfully, it's more dynamic!

9. Wall decoration with a difference

Wall decoration with a difference: homemade from paper.

10. An exposed brick wall

An exposed brick wall creates an industrial flair.

11. Swing

Just hang up a swing! Brings fun!

12. Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint gives every room that special touch.

13. Garlands

Garlands don't just look beautiful in the children's room!

14. Pipes, S-hooks and magnets

Tubes, S-hooks and magnets provide stylish storage space in the kitchen.

15. Large plants

Large plants are a great natural decoration.

16. Old maps

Old maps make great wall decorations.

17. Wallpaper

If you dare, you can also decorate a wall with extravagant wallpaper.

18. Repair and repaint furniture

Repairing and repainting furniture will give them a few more years.

More colour highlights

This pretty lamp looks particularly beautiful. The orange immediately creates a great and warm ambience in your living space.

19. Wall decals

Wall tattoos are also a cheap decoration option.

20. Sitting area on the balcony

A nice seating area on the balcony enhances it enormously. By the way, you can also easily build it yourself from pallets.


If you can't renovate the entire kitchen straight away, you have the option of replacing or changing the tiles.

22. Hanging chair

Have you ever thought about a hanging chair? Wonderfully comfortable!

23. Wall clock

A stylish wall clock not only looks good but is also very practical, especially in the morning.

24. No space for a garden?

No space for a garden? How about a vertical garden indoors?

25. Baskets

Instead of letting everything fly around loose, just let small items disappear into baskets.

26. A carpet

A rug can work wonders when it comes to furnishings.

27. Wall decals

Wall tattoos are a simple and inexpensive way to spice up a room.

28. Stickers for tiles

A similar principle can also be used in the kitchen: boring tiles look much nicer with stickers.

Extra: Yellow blanket for a good mood

Even on cooler days, you can bring the sun and warmth into your living room with a great yellow sofa blanket. The blanket also looks great casually placed over an armchair.

Did you know you can decorate your home without spending too much

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