7 Best Ideas to Fill Extra Room Of Your House Sensibly

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If one day the children move out and their rooms remain empty, constantly reminding you of your empty nest, or you move into a larger apartment, perhaps even moving finally into your own house, or if a job change takes place and the home office is no longer needed. There may be several reasons that a room or a part of your home remains unused, attracting your attention and waiting to be of some use in your house

But empty rooms are more than just wasted space. They can also leave your home feeling incomplete. Especially now, when living space is scarce in many places, you can even use the empty rooms to earn money. Or you can use it as an opportunity to develop a new hobby to keep you occupied or benefit your health. There are, therefore, many good reasons not to leave such rooms empty but rather to fill them sensibly. We have some ideas for inspiration from our interior designers and decorators. Have a look!

1. A Gym Within the Four Walls of Your Home

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Health is essential for all the members of a family. After all, your home is there to make you feel good, reduce stress, and recharge your batteries for everyday life. What if you can create an opportunity to lead a long and healthy life within the four walls of your house?

Two important building blocks, good sleep and healthy nutrition, can be easily implemented within your own four walls. If there is a will, there are ways. Exercise and fitness, as a third and equally important component, has previously required many people to go out of the house to the gym or park or get involved in outdoor sports.

People prefer to exercise from home in the digital world of YouTube and several health and fitness apps, with many fitness tips and exercise training possible. It saves traveling time and can be done at your convenience. 

An empty room can, therefore, be easily converted into a small fitness studio or home gym. You will require equipment depending on the preferred exercise or sport. From strength training on machines to endurance training on the cross trainer or yoga on the mat to HIIT training with ankle weights, numerous options exist for practical training in the empty room of your house.

So there are no more excuses not to do sports at home. Instead, there are a few reasons for this: You can maintain your hard-trained muscles and do something for your health, even if you can't go to the gym for longer.

Training not only strengthens the muscles but also the immune system. Sport is also ideal for fitness and relaxation. If you can do it from your house, it's better. However, it is advisable to adapt your home gym to personal needs and make it so inviting that regular training becomes a passion instead of an unloved obligation.

The following tips will help:

  • Special floor protection mats serve as a sound absorber so neighbors are not disturbed by the noise when exercising. They also provide a pleasant suspension to protect the muscles and joints and can be easily installed in any room.
  • A good music system is a must for many people because music increases motivation during training and helps you find your rhythm. Of course, it is also essential to be considerate of neighbors. However, consider the music system to enjoy the training.
  • A mirror is part of the basic equipment in every gym, even if it is a home gym. A large mirror in which you can get a full-length view while training is advisable. It is important to perform the exercises correctly. 
  • A positive side of having a large mirror is that it will make the room appear larger. If you want, you can set up an entire mirror wall.
  • If larger devices are integrated into the home gym, decoupling and insulating them may be necessary. Otherwise, material vibrations arise that cause noise in adjacent rooms and can, therefore, disturb not only the house's other residents but also the neighbors.
  • Vibration-inhibiting heavy foam under the devices is a simple solution. This sound insulation mat is adapted to the size and weight of the respective device to have an optimal effect and prevent it from tipping over.
  • If you have little space available, you have a wide range of options for effective training with small fitness equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, or thera bands.
  • These should have a fixed place, for example, on shelves or a dumbbell stand, so that everything looks tidy, can be found immediately, and cannot get in the way during training. It will also prevent injuries or accidents.
  • From small to large and cheap to expensive, there are no limits to your creativity when setting up your fitness studio. This means more fun for the whole family while training and a healthier lifestyle. The empty space or spare room is actually used sensibly.

2. An Undisturbed Wellness Oasis

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More well-being and health – if that is your goal, relaxation also plays an important role. Many people can relax perfectly at home, for example, by reading a book on the sofa, enjoying the sun in the garden, or taking an afternoon nap in bed. But sometimes there isn't enough peace or quiet corner at home for relaxation because the children are playing or reading. You keep looking at the paperwork that needs to be done or some peaceful time to read. In such situations, a lockable room can be the solution.

You can convert an empty room into a wellness oasis as a quiet escape from everyday life so that you can relax physically and mentally. A lockable door is a good start. Behind this door are numerous options for adapting the in-house spa or reading room. A wide range of variations are possible- depending on individual wishes and budget- from a yoga mat to a massage chair to a sauna or a whirlpool.

With just a little money and effort, you can turn an ordinary room into a private oasis. Scented candles, colorful lights, or relaxing music add to the ambiance.

Cozy places to sit or lie down, such as large cushions or a sofa, are a good addition, as are carpets, which give the room an even more homely atmosphere. You can work on the walls with pictures or paintings that radiate your personal style and calmness. The colors blue and green are particularly suitable for this.

Lastly, the fitness mat mentioned above is a worthwhile purchase because it can be used for yoga, meditation, stretching, or relaxation.

A wellness oasis in your four walls is good for your body and soul. There is hardly a more sensible use of empty rooms, especially for people exposed to constant stress in their everyday lives or needing help disconnecting or switching off to relax with some me time.

3. A Cozy Kind of Cinema

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Sometimes, it's simply entertainment that the family members are looking for. For many, a cozy movie evening is part of a successful week, sometimes even at the end of every day. After all, in many households, the television is switched on as soon as the residents come home—and only switched off before bed.

Streaming portals now also offer access to a large selection of films and series to watch the program of your taste. Snacks are also available in the kitchen at any time. So all that's missing is the big screen for that authentic cinema feeling.

Many people, especially young people, seek ideas to convert empty rooms into home theatres. The home theatres are, of course, en vogue. 

A flat-screen TV with a large screen or a screen with a projector and a stereo system is best suited for this. A Smart TV has the advantage that it can log directly into the Internet and thus into the streaming portals.

Otherwise, a device such as a computer, a smartphone, or a games console is required to play the selected films and series. For an actual cinema experience, the stereo system should include several speakers distributed throughout the room and provide surround sound.

All that's missing is the finishing touches: Cinemas require indirect light sources that can, at best, be dimmed. Wall lights are a perfect choice for this. Enough seating must also be available for the whole family and other guests. You can have beanbags, armchairs, and an L-shaped sofa inviting couples to cuddle up in your entertainment room, a little something for everyone. 

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4. The Long-Desired Dressing Room

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Many women dream of having their own dressing room, but men can also be enthusiastic about this idea. There is always a need for more space, especially for shoes or bags, so everything can be kept organized effortlessly.

A dressing room is a perfect solution that brings order to things, keeps everything from shoes to accessories together, and helps make dressing up much more accessible.

It can also save a lot of space in other places, for example, for the wardrobe in the bedroom or the shoe cupboard in the hallway, which can now be used for other purposes. This means more freedom in the other rooms and, finally, order where chaos may have occurred.

The most important purchases for a dressing room are shelves and hanging rails. These can be parts of a closet system that is ideally individually adapted to the size of the room to make optimal use of the space.

You can also design and install the shelves and hanging systems to tailor the dressing room perfectly to your needs. A mirror should also be present. After all, this is indispensable when selecting and combining clothing items to see whether everything fits optimally.

There must be pleasant and natural light in the dressing room. A large window that lets daylight into the interior is perfect.

You can also make room for a dressing table in the dressing room for make-up. For the evening or night, we recommend a light source with a bluish light color and wattage strong enough to imitate daylight as best as possible.

5. Become a Landlord and Earn a Little

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However, there are other ways to make sensible use of empty rooms. Consider renting a spare room to students or weekend commuters if you have an extra room.

Many people are happy when they can rent a single room instead of paying for an entire apartment. The bottom line is that for the owner, this still means extra income they earn as rent. After all, extra money doesn't hurt. 

If you rent out one or more empty rooms, you have two options: furnished or unfurnished. Both have specific advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, you can often charge a little more money for a furnished room, and many people are happy if they move in and don't have to invest any additional money in the furnishings. On the other hand, numerous potential tenants would like to design the room to suit their tastes. Furnishing also obviously means certain acquisition costs and possibly follow-up costs if a piece of furniture is damaged.

Either way, there are some legal criteria when renting out empty rooms. If it is a rented property, the tenant must first obtain permission from the owner to sublet.

Renting is, therefore, easier if you have your own apartment or house. However, the building regulations of the federal states apply, which regulate, for example, a minimum size or the required fire protection. In any case, changes in the use of the living space must be officially registered, and the rental income must be taxed.

If you are willing to deal with legal questions and have no problem with other people—perhaps even strangers—living in your house with you, renting out unused rooms is worth considering.

A compromise for more privacy would be to rent it out as a holiday apartment or Airbnb so that you have control over when the room is occupied and when the family remains undisturbed.

6. The Guest Room “For Free”

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Renting is not an option for everyone, but empty rooms can still serve as overnight accommodations. A guest room is a good alternative so relatives, friends, or acquaintances can visit any time and stay overnight.

In contrast to renting, no money is charged for this, so there are no legal hurdles. Instead, the guest room can be an excellent opportunity to maintain more social contacts and thus fill the void that the children may have left behind.

Especially if you live in an attractive area or have moved far away from home, you can certainly look forward to many visitors and thus bring more life back into your home.

For your guests to feel comfortable in the guest room, they should have enough privacy. Here, too, it is important to be able to close the room with a door and, at best, lock it. Furthermore, a comfortable bed, preferably a double bed, is necessary so that one or two people can sleep comfortably—depending on the available space.

You may even install an empty shelf or cupboard for guest's comfort and keep the room organized. They don't have to live out of a suitcase.

If more space is available, you can also provide more comfort with seating. Maybe even with a sofa bed that offers additional sleeping options if necessary, for example, for the guest with children. A small table and chairs or even an en suite bathroom complete the guest room. It will guarantee total comfort for the guests!

7. A Hobby Room for the Whole Family

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Finally, you can also use the empty rooms in the house as a hobby room. It can be a common hobby to do as a family. It is also possible to have a universal hobby room for the whole family so that everyone gets their money's worth.

What this hobby looks like is up to your own creativity. For example, you can consider an extra room for:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Play billiards
  • Craft
  • Sing karaoke
  • Read
  • Sewing, knitting and crocheting
  • DIY activities
  • Writing, perhaps your own book.

And the list of possibilities doesn't end there. You might require different equipment depending on which hobbies you want to pursue in the extra room.

It, therefore, makes sense to make a list in advance and think about how the stuff can be stored in a space-saving and thematically organized manner so that each family member has their own little hobby corner.

Modular furniture, such as a stool with internal storage space, is space-saving and ideal for a hobby room. So, if you approach the matter intelligently, you can get the most out of even a small hobby room and thus enrich the lives of all family members.

The bottom line is that numerous ways exist to fill empty living spaces sensibly. It is a decision that should be made thoughtfully, creatively, and smartly. Then everyone will find a suitable solution – guaranteed!

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