Why a White Ceiling is a Big Mistake

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Simple, neutral, elegant: white ceilings in our homes are always best, right? But let's be honest: we're just used to seeing white ceilings in houses, shopping centers, or offices. They exist almost always everywhere, so we don't think twice whether having a white ceiling is right or wrong. It's just there and has always been there. But it's time for us to consider.

There are many reasons why the white ceiling is one of the classics, and even professional interior designers prefer it. It always seems clean, light, and airy, making the room spacious. White is also the perfect background for all types of interior design. But a white ceiling is not always the best solution; or should we say, sometimes, a little color is good. We'll take you on a little journey of thought.

The design of ceilings

As mentioned at the beginning, we often ignore the ceiling design of our house. It shouldn't be done since the ceiling of a room contributes significantly to the ambiance and feeling of the interior decor. If you want something more than the standard white ceiling, you should look at our exciting decor ideas and be inspired by the possibilities.

We'll show you how to paint the ceiling to wall transition to create harmony in the interior decoration. Painting the ceiling must be done with a bit of caution. We'll show you how to paint or apply wallpaper to the ceiling. Of course, we also give you tips and tricks about choosing colors.

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1. Dark and Elegant

A dark color is very bold and beautiful. It can be as luxurious as it is intimidating. To prevent the latter, we should make the ceiling and walls one color or the ceilings a shade lighter. We decide on a gray ceiling paneling. Then, did the wall in darker gray so that the ceiling doesn't look overwhelming.

Bright applications on a dark ceiling, like the light strip in our picture, also set a different accent and make the room a little brighter. However, when using the lamps, we should test the light before using it. In the best-case scenario, they should create a beautiful harmony with the dark ceiling. Then only everything will work as intended and be a success.

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2. Ceilings With Wooden Appliqués

A wooden ceiling can create the perfect atmosphere if the room is of a specific size. However, making the ceiling only partially out of wooden elements is better. Patterns in the ceiling look pretty, such as these squares with romantic wallpaper in the middle. Our expert tip: Pay attention to the appropriate room height, especially for projects like this. If the ceiling is too low, it cannot develop its visual impact.

3. Everything in Black

An all-black ceiling? Yes, that's possible if you follow certain rules of the game. A high ceiling is imperative when opting for black paint. Otherwise, the design will only appear oppressive, and the atmosphere will be gloomy. However, such a ceiling can look fantastic if the walls, furniture, and floor are designed in light tones. It will give the impression that the ceiling almost disappears into nowhere.

4. Solid Colored Ceilings and Walls

If we design the walls to match the ceiling, colored ceilings are usually easy to achieve. If you want to accentuate a special area in the room, then such an implementation helps to highlight it perfectly. Our example highlights a dining table, for which a blue ceiling, the blue curtains, and the wall form a beautiful symbiosis.

Our tip: If in doubt, ask a professional painter for his opinion!

5. Painting like a Pro—Part 1

Before we even start handling paint, remove all furniture from the room or push them where you are not painting. Cover the furniture and the floor to protect from paint residues dripping onto the floor. The careful masking comes later, almost more time-consuming than the actual painting. All exposed corners, edges, and windows must be covered with the masking tapes.

6. Painting like a Pro—Part 2

Now you can start to paint. It is best to use a smaller brush to paint the corners and edges where the large paint roller cannot reach. We can then stand on the ladder and generously paint the surfaces with the roller lightly soaked in paint. Tip: It's best not to paint directly above our head but in front of us or to the side of us. Let's also make sure that we always roll parallel. It will give a professional finish.

7. Painting like a Pro—Part 3

When painting the ceiling, we should work quickly and continuously until the entire surface is painted. After the first coat has dried, we should check whether a second coat of paint is necessary. Depending on the color quality, this is often the case. After thoroughly drying everything, remove the masking tape from all masked areas and remove the coverings. Our recommendation: When tidying up, let's pay attention to the soles of our shoes. Sometimes, paint has dripped, and you would like to avoid spreading it throughout the apartment.

The Perfect Ceiling Light for Every Ceiling

No matter what color you choose for your ceiling, a simple, modern, elegant ceiling light is the perfect addition and will change the elegance of the entire room.

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