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Finding the perfect cool teenager's room can be incredibly difficult because many factors contribute to feeling good in this room. On one hand, there is the furniture, which should not only look beautiful but also be practical. On the other hand, the choice of colour also plays a crucial role. Do you opt for subtle colours that will probably be popular for years to come, or do you prefer to paint the walls in the teenager's favourite colour—even at the risk of it being viewed as uncool in a few years? But there are more design options for the walls than just colour. For example, wallpaper with a 3D pattern is no longer unusual and wall tattoos are also part of the basic equipment of a creative apartment.

And now comes the crucial question: What belongs in cool teenagers' rooms and bedrooms these days? Do you have to have musical instruments in it, do you do without a fluffy carpet or is it still cool for teenagers to keep decorations from previous years? Finding a clear answer to this is almost impossible because fortunately, everyone has different tastes. Nevertheless, there are some useful furnishing ideas for cool teenagers' rooms that our interior designers will introduce to you in this article.

The design of teenagers' rooms

As already announced, we are taking some time today to design and furnish teenagers' rooms. Not only adults but also our children, are increasingly attaching importance to the attractive design of their rooms. Of course, they want to feel comfortable and express their personality and hobbies in their own teenager's room. Below we will give you valuable tips on how to design a contemporary teenager's room. “Girls’ bedrooms” usually look different than “boys’ bedrooms”, even if classic role models are a bit outdated. We'll show you how to set up a teenager's room and give you great girls' room ideas, ideas for boys' rooms and neutral tips.

Furniture for cool teenagers' rooms

We will probably never lose the need for cosy and secret corners. But young people need to have places of refuge where they feel safe and unobserved. By choosing suitable furniture and cleverly placing it, it is easily possible to integrate this into the cool teenager's room.

Since teenagers' rooms usually have a small usable area, space-saving furniture such as a loft bed is particularly useful. This model from the Italian company Tumidei is designed so that there is even enough space under the bed for a cosy living area. In the exemplary photograph, you can see that the resulting space under the bed was equipped with a couch and a small table. Since the sofa can be folded out, there are additional sleeping options.

With most loft beds you can access the mattress directly at the top and have little freedom of movement. That's different with this model. The upper surface here has been designed so generously that there is space for a bed and a shelf and there is also some room for maneuver. While evening reading and other small items can be stored next to the bed, other books or decorative elements can be stored on the shelf that is attached to one wall of the loft bed. With this smart piece of furniture, you can easily create a cool teenager's room.

Lots of storage space for the cool teenager's room

Storage space is particularly important in teenagers' rooms. Usually, you are exactly in the phase in which you have officially said goodbye to Teddy & Co., but in reality, they are still slumbering in the closet, waiting to be hugged longingly again years later. And since teenagers generally don't like to put any emphasis on meticulous organization, hidden storage space is even more valuable. If your friend or crush spontaneously rings the doorbell, you can quickly hide all the mountains of clothing behind closed doors.

We can see how cool teenager's rooms that are also practical can be furnished in this example from the furniture store Meblik. This room uses subtle and timeless colours that will stand the test of time.

Daybed as an all-round talent

If the cool teenager's room doesn't have enough space for a bed and a couch, a day bed is the ideal solution. Such a piece of furniture has the advantage that it does not look like a typical bed and can therefore easily be used as a sofa during the day and as a place to sleep in the evening. A space not to be forgotten when furnishing a cool teenager's room is a workplace. So that homework can at least be done in a nice environment, a desk with enough space and a comfortable chair are the ultimate. In this example from the experts at Dormitorio Joven, the bed and table have been cleverly combined to make the best possible use of the space in the room.

Cool teenagers' rooms have creative walls

What would cool teenager's rooms be without photos of friends? At a young age, everything revolves around joy and supposed love—and that's why you should take this into account when planning your room. K&L Wallart offers a nice idea for this. They combine classic wall tattoos with picture frames and create unique photo walls. You simply select the wall slogan you want, such as “my friends” and get a picture frame measuring 10x15 cm.

Walls in 3D

Extraordinary 3D walls are our insider tip for the perfect cool teenager's room. The Artil team specializes in such designs made from environmentally friendly REA plaster. This plaster is characterized by its high quality and it is also free of harmful substances and has a positive effect on the indoor climate. The 3D walls are available in panels measuring 60x60 centimetres and can be attached to the wall as desired. There are over 20 structures and looks to choose from for the design. And if you no longer like the colour, the panels can simply be repainted.

Unusual wall decoration for the cool teenager's room

A certain highlight is still missing from the cool teenager's room. Then try one of the three-dimensional figures from Paperwolf. These are paper models that you put together yourself and then proudly hang on the wall—be it the light blue unicorn, the pink elephant or the yellow lion. If crafting is not an option, you can also opt for a wild animal head made of wood.

Smart storage

Unusual designs are a must-have for the cool teenager's room. The multiboards from K&L Wallart combine hip wall design with practical use. Once you have selected the desired motif, all you have to do is choose the three colours of the cups and you have the perfect storage space for all sorts of small items. The colourful cups are ideal for storing pens or jewellery, for example.

Space-saving furniture

Cool teenagers' rooms don't necessarily always have a lot of space available. Therefore, space-saving furniture is the be-all and end-all in small rooms. At Kwik Design Furniture you can find this extremely practical combination. This is an extensive wall-mounted secretary that can be folded up at any time and therefore disappears unobtrusively into the wall. You can do the same with the chair: when it is not in use, it can be folded up and stored under the bed or behind the closet.

You can also read more on how to get away with decorating a super small space.

Comfort deluxe

Every cool teenager's room has a corner to chill out. The most original solution for this is the Cacoon. This is a piece of furniture that combines the feeling of a rocking chair and a cosy corner like no other. This means you can comfortably swing back and forth while reading and even visitors can find a place to sleep there for the night.

The cool teenager's room before/after

The transformation from a children's room to a teenager's room is a challenge that many parents face. The interior design expert took this on board and created the perfect, cool teenager's room. As you can see from the before and after photos, eliminating bright colours and unnecessary decoration played the main role. The furniture was repositioned so that the bed under the sloping roof was now a comfortable place and a couch could even be accommodated. Instead of a pink wall, we now find more dignified colours and a black and white photo wallpaper that brings a little more calm but no boredom into the room.

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