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7 habits to keep your home always clean

Marvellous hallway wooden floors. A living room couch to kill for. Fantastic bedroom window treatment. And an appalling stench floating from your kitchen. What a passion killer.

22 April, 2017

Cosy country home you'll never want to leave

It is seriously difficult to believe that this home was prefabricated off-site. It's a large luxurious family home with earthy accents and a great big grand presence. It is also built on a steeply sloping site.

15 April, 2017

The perfect two-storey home for a quiet life

Cape cod style American homes are built for holidaying. They are generally made from wood and have big windows, shingles, gabled roofs and an easy relaxing feel. Today, we'll explore one such home that is set on a particularly lovely natural site.

15 April, 2017

A stunning sunlight-facing house to inspire you

Picture perfect American style homes are the stuff of movies. They belong in a fantasy world and can often look and feel unapproachable. But today, we'll strip back the facade and show you the story of a classic American home, from construction to fi…

15 April, 2017

Super small houses with everything you need

There is a modern movement happening right now in terms of micro-houses being a great way to get on the housing ladder, without needing large budgets, but if you are labouring under the misconception that a tiny home has to mean compromises in terms…

14 April, 2017

New wooden house styles to inspire you

If there is anything we've learnt, it's that timber homes are one of the most popular and enduring styles. Attractive, alluring, warm and lively, wooden dwellings might not feel as solid or sturdy as stone properties, but they provide a wonderfully a…

14 April, 2017

10 reasons why wooden houses are the best!

Stylish, timeless and super eye-catching, are there any other reasons needed as to why wooden homes are the best? Well, you might be surprised by just how fantastic they are in a number of other ways than simply aesthetically pleasing.

14 April, 2017

A small and affordable house in beautiful beige

Building your own home is a dream of many individuals. Not only do you get to choose exactly how you set up your interior spaces, you can also choose specific details, necessities and amenities that might be neglected in other pre-designed dwellings.

13 April, 2017

Southeast Asia properties: All you need to know about investing in Indonesia houses

Comprising of thousands of volcanic islands, Indonesia offers travellers access to stunning beaches, incredible natural beauty and enchanting wildlife, which is why so many people are keen to consider buying property there, but what do you need to kn…

13 April, 2017

5 tips to make your wooden house last forever

There's no doubting that wooden homes are beautiful, good for the environment and a fantastic way to ensure great value for money and create natural harmony with valuable garden spaces, but are they long-lasting? Ask any architect and they'll tell yo…

13 April, 2017

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