20 Beautiful Ideas Of Floor Tiles For Your Patio And Entrance

Decorating the patio or entrance to the house is not trivial but an exciting project in which every small or big detail counts. The flooring chosen for these spaces in the home is decisive when giving your home decor a specific aesthetic.

04 April, 2024

25 Modern Ideas To Decorate Small Houses

Small houses are a real challenge for decoration and design to give them an impressive interior design. Its dimensions or distribution frequently determine the decorative project of its spaces.

30 March, 2024

10 Economical Ideas For Patios And Terraces

The patio and terrace are two highly appreciated spaces in our country. A place where you can enjoy spring and refreshing summer nights outdoors. Since it can always be improved, today we offer you some ideas so that your patio or terrace can be upda…

6 Great Ideas To Fit The Washing Machine Into a Small Bathroom

In most houses, there is no separate laundry room. So it is more common to have the washing machine in the kitchen, on a patio or terrace, and in cases where, unfortunately, these spaces are not available, the only solution is to install it in the ba…

20 One-Story Houses To Inspire You To Build Yours

Those who have lived in single-story houses know the comforts that this implies: not having to go up and down stairs to get something from the other floor, avoiding scares with children and stairs, perhaps even promoting better communication between…

19 March, 2024

7 Tough-to-Kill Plants That Thrive With Minimal Effort

Today, let's delve into the exciting world of gardens and houseplants that thrive with minimal effort. As someone who has spent hours exploring the fascinating green universe and made more than one mistake along the way, I can assure you that the tru…

14 March, 2024

30 Ideas To Make The Entrance Of Your House Look Fabulous

The entrance of the houses is our letter of introduction. Therefore, why not give it the attention it deserves? In this book of ideas, we bring you 30 examples of entrances to single-family homes of many styles which we hope you can identify.

09 March, 2024

Your House Is Collapsing Because Of These 5 Organization Mistakes!

Have you ever felt like your house is about to collapse under the weight of clutter and disorganization? Welcome to the reality of many homes where chaos seems to reign supreme.

08 March, 2024

10 Great Solutions For Sun Protection In The Garden

In addition to a comfortable seating area in the house, sun protection in the garden is one of the most important things. After all, you want to relax in peace and keep a cool head and not just sizzle in the sun.

03 March, 2024

Extreme cleaning! The Dirtiest Bathroom You've Ever Seen

In the world of home care, there are a few cases that defy all logic and expectations. Imagine a situation where hygiene has been neglected completely. Imagine where every corner of a bathroom has become a battleground against dirt, stains, and grime…


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02 March, 2024

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