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30 Ideas To Make The Entrance Of Your House Look Fabulous

The entrance of the houses is our letter of introduction. Therefore, why not give it the attention it deserves? In this book of ideas, we bring you 30 examples of entrances to single-family homes of many styles which we hope you can identify.

09 March, 2024

Discover the Importance of Ceiling Height in a House!

Today we focus again on one of those architecture , engineering and construction terms that confuse us so much:—ceiling height!Today, we focus again on one of those architecture, engineering, and construction terms that confuses us: ’ceiling heig…

6 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Sunroom in an Apartment

There has been a lot of talk about marquees in recent times, thanks to a famous marquee belonging to a very famous football player. Some argue in favour of the owner, saying that the marquee did not affect the aesthetics of the building and that ’as…

How to know if a wall is structural (and can be demolished)

In a house remodelling project in which walls have to be altered or eliminated, you must carefully analyze whether there are partitions whose function is merely to separate and condition the spaces or structural or load-bearing walls.

05 February, 2024

Bulk industrial components: an introduction for industrial solutions novices

If you are new to industrial solutions, you may have heard of the term bulk industrial components and have been unsure of what it refers to. In this article, we will examine what the term means, what each of these components are and what they do, and…

18 September, 2023

20 fantastic family homes to inspire your next build

Building a new family home is an exciting and fulfilling endeavour, but if you don't know what style you want to choose, the process can quickly become a real headache! That's why we've found some of the prettiest and most appealing family homes that…

24 January, 2018

10 Amazing Container Homes With Two Floors!

Container homes are increasingly gaining acceptance as sustainable and economic way for shelter. Though container homes may bring notions of sub-standard and low income dwelling in crowded cities, we are here to break those notions with this fabulous…

24 December, 2017

15 Modern Homes That Embrace Nature

Are you looking for home architecture ideas that are modern yet have an element of nature? Then you have come to the right ideabook that presents 15 such inspirations. These houses are perfect examples of how to design a contemporary home that looks…

10 December, 2017

Breathtaking Modern Home With A Cool Quotient

Spacious, modern architecture, futuristic design and an uber cool X factor, this 650 square meters home is located in the city of Bandung. A luxurious home that not everyone can dream of owning, we peek into this stunning home and applaud the work of…

02 December, 2017

3 Beautiful Homes Inspired By Nature

Urban lifestyles make us crave for being closer to nature. Come weekends and we wish to get away to mountains, rivers, seas and all things green and beautiful. Fresh air, chirping birds, sound of the rivers and green foliage; nature has a way of conn…

29 November, 2017