10 Amazing Container Homes With Two Floors!

Container homes are increasingly gaining acceptance as sustainable and economic way for shelter. Though container homes may bring notions of sub-standard and low income dwelling in crowded cities, we are here to break those notions with this fabulous…

24 December, 2017

15 Modern Homes That Embrace Nature

Are you looking for home architecture ideas that are modern yet have an element of nature? Then you have come to the right ideabook that presents 15 such inspirations. These houses are perfect examples of how to design a contemporary home that looks…

10 December, 2017

Breathtaking Modern Home With A Cool Quotient

Spacious, modern architecture, futuristic design and an uber cool X factor, this 650 square meters home is located in the city of Bandung. A luxurious home that not everyone can dream of owning, we peek into this stunning home and applaud the work of…

02 December, 2017

3 Beautiful Homes Inspired By Nature

Urban lifestyles make us crave for being closer to nature. Come weekends and we wish to get away to mountains, rivers, seas and all things green and beautiful. Fresh air, chirping birds, sound of the rivers and green foliage; nature has a way of conn…

29 November, 2017

15 Small And Snug Houses

Dream homes are often palatial buildings with huge corridors, wide open spaces, big doorways and everything grand. But come to think of it, big houses are not only difficult to get hold of, they are also impractical in this modern day and age.

30 October, 2017

12 Cheap Building Materials For Small Homes

Building a house from scratch can be daunting. No matter how well the planning, time and resources often overshoot. The associated costs once factored in lead to higher than expected cost of construction.

27 October, 2017

7 Ideas To Covert An Attic

An attic is a peculiar space, mostly due to its slant roof. It usually becomes a forgotten corner of the house where things are stored away, or at the most, a play corner or sometimes as a last resort sleeping space.

20 October, 2017

New wooden house styles to inspire you

If there is anything we've learnt, it's that timber homes are one of the most popular and enduring styles. Attractive, alluring, warm and lively, wooden dwellings might not feel as solid or sturdy as stone properties, but they provide a wonderfully a…

14 April, 2017

10 reasons why wooden houses are the best!

Stylish, timeless and super eye-catching, are there any other reasons needed as to why wooden homes are the best? Well, you might be surprised by just how fantastic they are in a number of other ways than simply aesthetically pleasing.

14 April, 2017

A small and affordable house in beautiful beige

Building your own home is a dream of many individuals. Not only do you get to choose exactly how you set up your interior spaces, you can also choose specific details, necessities and amenities that might be neglected in other pre-designed dwellings.

13 April, 2017