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The Amazing Transformation Of A 30 Year Old Apartment

Homes need regular maintenance and as buildings get older, the time and resources needed to preserve them keep shooting up. There comes a point when the infrastructure needs a complete revamp and a regular renovation and upgrade may no longer be effe…

28 October, 2017

5 Must See Extreme House Transformations

Home owners have the luxury of choosing what to do with their homes. Unlike tenants, homeowners can rebuild, reshape, renovate and remodel at their own will. But when it comes to making changes, the question often arises, what is better? Should one r…

26 September, 2017

Woodworking: The incredible transformation of a mini balcony

When living in an enormous metropolis such as Hong Kong, having a balcony is an unquestionably luxury. Despite the benefits and advantages of an outdoor terrace in the city, not all who have one make the most of their space! Here at homify we see a…

26 April, 2017

​Five Remodelled Projects that will Win Your Hearts!

If you are bored with the way your house looks and feels, the it may be time to do a complete 360 degree turn and give it a timely makeover so that it moves with the times. Take these five homes as your design inspiration so that you go from dated to…

02 April, 2017

An abandoned roof that became a green dream!

City living can be wonderful, what with all the culture and excitement that comes with it, but it can be such a shame to not have any green space to enjoy. That's what the owners of today's project were up against, but they found an innovative soluti…

01 April, 2017

Build your own wooden deck in 5 simple steps

Often, our homes offer corners that promise plenty of potential, but we don't know how to go about creating value in decor terms. For instance, this pretty artisan home in the French countryside got an aesthetic lift, thanks to the layered pine deck…

28 March, 2017

How this simple timber prefab was built in a flash

A prefabricated home or building is one that is mostly manufactured off-site in advance of its installation. The advantage of this is that it can be put together in a much quicker time frame than normal bricks-and-mortar structures.

27 March, 2017

They built their own wall and gate - and it's fantastic!

This makeover tale is a rather unusual one. We usually cover stories that have to do with a home, a structure, the design, the facade and other such aspects. But for this transformation story, we're looking at an oft-neglected part of a home, namely,…

25 March, 2017

The miraculous modern makeover of a tiny Taiwanese home

Just like any other house, Liu Mansion had started to age and crumble over time. The exterior was dilapidated and dirty when the interior designers and decorators at Seven Space Design first chanced upon it.

17 March, 2017

This bleak apartment finds new life in just 7 days

Old homes and apartments often become dull, gloomy and unappealing over time. But architects and designers can use their creativity and modern touches to renovate these tired abodes.

14 March, 2017