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The miraculous transformation of this tiny 6m² bathroom

During the planning of our home décor, we tend to focus more on the major living spaces, with scant attention paid to the bathroom, particularly if it is small. However, the bathroom is every bit as important as any other part of the house, and there…

06 March, 2017

6 drab family balconies utterly transformed

Balconies are a wonderful blessing, as they offer a slice of outdoor space, and even an extra room for smaller apartments. But if you are simply using yours to air your laundry (we know some of you are!), then you could be seriously missing a trick! …

02 March, 2017

How this ugly bare space became a happy family home

Transforming old homes into contemporary, stylish and cosy affairs is becoming increasingly popular. And it's not always necessary to pull down the entire house or apartment to achieve this goal. The home builders at K.B.

28 February, 2017

A young couple transformed their tiny home on a budget

We might be inclined to complain about cramped living spaces, but the reality is, compact homes are cheaper than most to renovate and redo in terms of design. For our next project, a young couple opted for a complete overhaul in search of a youthful,…

23 February, 2017

Spectacular makeover: from crumbling yard to perfect patio

What's to be done when you have a perfectly pretty home on the inside, but a veritable garbage dump beyond the back door? Well, the designers from Hannah Collins Garden Design came up with the perfect solution; a solution that is the subject of our t…

19 February, 2017

From anonymous apartment to a flat that leaves you speechless

We've seen some impressive home transformations in our time, but today's project seriously wowed us—as it will you! Taking an old-fashioned and badly decorated apartment to task, the interior designer in charge of this transformation had an inspire…

13 February, 2017

How this crumbling heap became a modern dream home

No matter how grand or beautiful a house or building, if it's not properly cared for, it'll inevitably descend into disrepair after a few years. Today we'll explore one such home, which was virtually crumbling to the ground after decades of neglect.

08 February, 2017

This crumbling timber home gets an incredible makeover

The renovation of this old wooden chalet, set in the rustic countryside near Istanbul, has turned it into a real style paradise. The project was conducted by the team of architects at NM Mimarlik, who carried out numerous changes to the exterior stru…

03 February, 2017

How to build a strong and simple home for a family

A well-drafted plan is the first step towards building a good house in terms of layout and décor, as well as accurate budgeting. This determines the quantities of building materials to be used and minimises any chance of error.

31 January, 2017

A dreadful bathroom gets a spectacular modern makeover

In transformation projects, we must never lose hope. No matter how old or deteriorated a house or residence is, everything has a solution. And taken to an extreme, you can always knock down, gut out, and start from scratch.

30 January, 2017