Child's bedroom: articles, tips & information

12 Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Christmas and New Year is close and it's time to bring in the festive cheer all around us. Redoing the home is an important part of any festival and when it's the holiday season, why not make simple changes in the house that not only make a big diffe…

25 December, 2017

7 Ideas To Covert An Attic

An attic is a peculiar space, mostly due to its slant roof. It usually becomes a forgotten corner of the house where things are stored away, or at the most, a play corner or sometimes as a last resort sleeping space.

20 October, 2017

10 budget ways to decorate a kids' bedroom

Let's face it, decorating for a child is often a tricky and somewhat challenging task. Not only do their tastes and preferences change almost daily, their age means they quickly grow out of certain styles and decorations.

25 May, 2016

The ultimate little boy's bedroom

A little boy's bedroom is no different from an adult's bedroom in many ways. It needs to be a place to settle down, read, relax, have a little alone time and get a good night's sleep.

27 March, 2016

The perfect little girl's bedroom

It can be tricky to decorate a little girl's bedroom. Headstrong little girls often have their own minds, their own developing preferences and very often, their own very unique ideas on how to dress.

26 March, 2016

​Cute wallpaper just for kids

Printed wallpaper is lots of fun, and can be strangely appealing even if you don’t really consider yourself a printed wallpaper type of person. Where to embrace this primal urge for pattern and colour? Why, in the children’s bedroom of course,…

08 March, 2015

​Children’s rooms for two

Many adults have fond memories of sharing a bedroom with a sibling when they were a child. Secret late-night chats, staying up past lights-out and tormenting each other with ghost stories…

07 March, 2015

​Creative children’s bedroom design

If there’s one room where it’s worth thinking outside the box a little, it’s in your children’s bedroom. The more original and fun your decor ideas are, the more fun they will have playing in their bedrooms and the more fond their memories of…

31 January, 2015

​Lighting ideas for children’s rooms

Light is important to kids, not least because a lot of them feel afraid when there isn’t any. But lighting is also a crucial aspect of creating a mood or atmosphere in any room, and in your children’s rooms the atmosphere you most need to create…

22 December, 2014

Cool toys that make great use of space

So much of kids’ play revolves around taking control of space and reimagining it as something else. Children tend to love hidden spaces they can make into dens, vehicles and magical machines: whether that space is a secret hollow in a tree trunk,…

15 December, 2014