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Tips for decorating a work office

Teamwork does not just mean sharing a joint project with a group of people. It also implies the brotherhood within the group, cohesion, solidarity, coordination and organization efforts for a common goal, the division of labour! Although some jobs ar…

21 June, 2015

Going back in time at the PRL Museum, Warsaw

Curating a small museum can be a real challenge given the constraints of space and budget, but the relative lack of accountability to an extended hierarchy of team members can also offer opportunities to get really creative with the collections and…

27 May, 2015

An Italian coffee haven, Altamura

The simple pleasures in life are very often the best. Good coffee, good company and a lovely setting… as a way to while away an afternoon, it’s hard to beat. And this is a fact that is clearly well-known to Dresshome , the interior architects…

06 May, 2015

A modern office on a shoestring, Valencia

The self-designed offices of Spanish architecture firm Un PaseoEn Globo serve as a fantastic example of what a small company can achieve even with fairly limited funds; all that is required is a clear vision and a great eye for interiors.

28 April, 2015

Wabi Sabi Shop & Gallery

Some shops are shops, and some are experiences. Wabi Sabi Shop & Gallery, located in Seville, Spain, falls squarely into the latter category. It’s one of those shops that draws in those who love to rummage, to discover the unexpected in a…

23 April, 2015

Cafés with character

Decorating a café arguably calls for a stronger vision than decorating an ordinary house. When it’s your own home you’re working with, it’s often perfectly acceptable to plan your style on a room-by-room basis; the overall cohesiveness of the…

25 February, 2015

Gorgeous hotels around the globe

Many of the world’s most stunning buildings are hotels. It stands to reason: enormous budgets, epic proportions, sprawling grounds and a business model that depends largely on providing a highly appealing environment for cutomers.

20 February, 2015

Salon trends for the home

Hair salons, at least the good ones, are mostly run by those with a great sense of style and an up-to-the-minute awareness of emerging trends. It rather goes without saying that you’d want to be fairly confident that someone has a good sense of…

12 February, 2015

​And... relax

If there’s one commercial operation where aesthetics really count, surely it’s in massage practices, spas and beauty salons. Relaxation is everything here, and as we all know picking the right environment to relax in is absolutely key to being…

24 January, 2015

homify 360°: Bikini Berlin

We take a tour of Bikini Berlin, an unconventionally designed shopping centre which opened in the West of the German capital in 2013.

21 January, 2015