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How do you catch a mouse? - The 10 Commandments

When you discover that you have a mouse in your house, it's a big surprise. Where does the mouse come from? Where is she hiding? How many might there be? Do the children bite you? Are you infecting us with some disease? And finally the big question:…

09 February, 2024

12 Simple Tricks For A Sensational Home

Are you at a point where you have that urge to make some changes in your home decor? Is the wall color fading away or the furniture too dated or just the way things are arranged is not right? To top it all, do these changes required heavy expenses an…

22 December, 2017

8 tips to reduce your energy consumption

In this day and age, we are witnessing the beginning of many changes, not simply climate change, but a change in the way we conduct ourselves, and the way we choose to live our lives.

10 July, 2017

8 fresh tips for growing herbs in your kitchen

As far as indoor gardens go, planting herbs in the kitchen is one of the most popular options. Herbs are truly one of the best of Mother Nature’s frondescent creations—they are wonderfully bright, full of life and to top it off, you can eat them.

30 May, 2017

24 pictures of living rooms to inspire you!

Everyone has a different idea about what constitutes an enviable home. For some it might be a warm ambience or atmosphere, and for others it might be a clutter free sense of modernity.

05 May, 2017

Woodworking: The incredible transformation of a mini balcony

When living in an enormous metropolis such as Hong Kong, having a balcony is an unquestionably luxury. Despite the benefits and advantages of an outdoor terrace in the city, not all who have one make the most of their space! Here at homify we see a…

26 April, 2017

9 ways to make your home as unique as you

For many, homes offer a place of solace, rest and relaxation. They are reflections of our personalities, and often designed or decorated to suit our desires and needs. But what do you do when your dwelling doesn’t suit you? Today at homify we’re…

26 April, 2017

How to prepare your house for the next typhoon

Natural disasters happen and there's nothing we can do about that, but you can take steps to be prepared, if and when the worst happens. Naturally, architects design homes that will be able to withstand bad weather conditions, especially in areas tha…

08 April, 2017

9 simple steps to a happily Zen home

Is your home more Zen utopia or chaotic dystopia? Today on homify we’re going to look at 9 simple steps to a calm and happy home. But what exactly is a Zen home? We think your dwelling should be your place of solace, rest and relaxation – but also a…

19 March, 2017

13 money-saving tricks for your Hong Kong home

Do you want to cut your household expenses? These days we waste countless dollars of our hard earned cash without even realising it – money that could be saved or spent on essential domestic necessities.

16 March, 2017