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Eclectic style hotels by SDA designs Eclectic
Eclectic style hotels by SDA designs Eclectic
Eclectic style hotels by SDA designs Eclectic

Designers are often put to the task of catering to clients that challenge their limits and knowledge, in a non-tangible way. Sufyan Duberia had a similar task when he was first approached by Afzal Patel, owner of the Grand Residency Hotel at Bandra. Mr. Patel is a man who is clear about the quality he expects and his requirements, who after a rigorous interview appointed Mr. Duberia to design the interiors of the service apartments of his hotel.

The project consisted of designing four types of rooms, starting from the deluxe room (area: 320 sq.ft. 30 sq. Mtrs), studio apartment (area: 400 sq.ft. 37.16 sq. Mtrs), one bedroom apartment (area: 545 sq.ft. 50.60 sq. Mrts) and lastly two bedroom apartment (area: 865 sq.ft. 80.60 sq. Mtrs), summing up to a total of 35 rooms.

Knowing that the client wanted the best out of him, Mr. Duberia spent time researching and studying varying hotels across a few countries in company of the client, arriving on what is now a well appreciated design. Mr. Duberia was clear in his approach that service apartments were expected to be occupied for longer durations of time as opposed to regular hotel rooms. This understanding led to making of every type of room a space that is not only up to date by all standards, but is also a place that the guests can make their own. From a client point of view, Mr. Patel received a design that is modern, durable and easy to maintain.

Every room has been designed with the idea of long term occupancy in mind, accounting for all amenities like a fully functional kitchen, well defined living room spaces and complete bedrooms.

A conscious decision has gone in defining the finishes, where the flooring in the living room spaces is done in Italian marble, giving a more polished feel, while the bedrooms are done in wooden flooring that is soft and cozy. The furniture is done in wood and veneer. The use of these finishes is done to allow for a look that is never quite out of fashion, and built to last.

The project having been executed first in 2008, Mr. Patel wished to update the rooms, and contacted Mr. Duberia again in 2013. The refurbishing being completed in 2014, the versatility of the original design shines through as the major work was more of a refresh rather than a complete makeover. The original furniture remains untouched except for polishing. The fabrics and soft furnishings are coloured in soft and warm shades to complement each other, allowing for each room to be familiar yet have its own identity.

In terms of utility, the one bedroom apartments have an optional access to adjoining studio apartments allowing for quick conversion of the one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment, at the convenience of the hotel and the requirement of the guests.

The elements of all the apartments when viewed in an ensemble make for a space that is not like a hotel, but more like a home.

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