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Cafe Deco Shanghai : classic  by 4N architects, Classic
Cafe Deco Shanghai : classic  by 4N architects, Classic
Cafe Deco Shanghai : classic  by 4N architects, Classic

The design brief from client – SSP Asia Pacific and Café Deco Group, was to create a magnificent Art Deco style designed and decorated space for diners who look for quality food in a great atmosphere.

There were three major challenges in this project, firstly, this is in a very modernized Shanghai Pudong airport designed by Richard Rogers Architects, we were asked to create a contemporary dining space with such a traditional design style, the juxtaposition on traditional style and contemporary context, as well as design process and craftsmanship made this project was very challenging.

Secondly, the construction budget for such a space of over 7,000 sft was only within US Three-Hundred-Fifty Thousand Dollars, this is a relatively low budget for such a space and the requirements of achieving high level of design details. Thirdly, the landlord management only allowed Forty days of overnight (Eleven at night until Six the next morning) construction works to take place, this made the construction management very difficult and the necessity for off-site pre-fabrication was more than necessary.

Face down by those parameters, the design team came up with solutions that allows furniture and various fittings to be economically made in local factories, with use of more affordable local materials such as timber, granite, stone, paint work, while minimizing over-the-top materials such as precious metals or imported artifices.

The design team has succeed by the very great aesthetic presence with the strong art-deco-themed driven the design concept. The design creates a strong contrast between old and new, reminiscence of art-deco element in the dining and bar area. Its unique open show-kitchen, the dining space stretches across the balcony, an extension of the bar elegance to the lounge among those bar stools with built in cushion covered with Ostrich leather, classic custom made vintage sofas set with the glossy marble tables with wicker structure, standout with the significant brass electric clock circa 1930 and provided cozy ambient with bronze art deco sconce light circa 1940 as well as the large backdrop wall of old historical pictures.

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