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by Artichok Design Minimalist
by Artichok Design Minimalist
by Artichok Design Minimalist

Happiness exists! It is sitting near, when the whole family gathers together watching Christmas movies in a living room. It keeps you warm, like bright sparkles of the fireplace, lighting everything around. It unites the closest people, even when everyone is busy with one’s own business.

We do not create happiness, but we let it comfortly live in a small flat for a family consisting of three people in River Stone housing complex. To achieve this we filled it with simple things and natural materials. Wood, marble, cosy light and clear lines – all these became the basis for our interior design. 

To find for the owners more space we have not only combined dining room with a living room. We used multilevel lighting, mirrors, and natural lighting. Even on a dull day the main room is always full of light: glossy surface of the floor reflects sunrays, throwing them over the walls and glass surfaces. 

Bringing into life the development of interior design of a 3 room flat, we have tried to give the character to every room. Here is parents’ bedroom. Comfortable, luxurious, created with taste, it has its own small secret. It is enough to cross the threshold of loggia – and you get into a tropical heaven. Here, under the shade of green plants, you may enjoy the panorama of night city and spend a sunset with a glass of wine. 

And behind this door childhood lives. It is tender, fragile, marshmallow-touching, as a whole design of a nursery. When there is something important in life, only to create some appropriate shell for it is left. And we think we have coped with this task.

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