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5 by Mister Glory Ltd Minimalist
5 by Mister Glory Ltd Minimalist
5 by Mister Glory Ltd Minimalist

Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time

When we create the theme “Timeless”, we want to make everything as simple as possible but not simpler. Furniture used in this project is not only functional, space-saving, but also enduring at the same time. Some features are underlined in the ‘Timeless’ project.

Home office
A perfect work space is created with a clever solution of wall-mounted foldable desk. When folded down, it is a work desk. When folded away, it becomes a practical shelf.

Working area = Home studio
As a music fanatic, the size of instrument may use up your space. However, this home has an amazing secret – there is a pull-out stand for keyboard installed in the drawer of the working desk. This can make the piano invisible, which helps to maintain neatness in the house.

Sliding TV panel + cabinet behind = More storage
To make everything looks neat and tidy; a TV is hung on a sliding panel so that it can hide other miscellaneous things inside the cabinet. More importantly, you can watch the TV in the bedroom or in the living room by simply sliding the panel. Two wishes come true at once!

More space between bedroom and living room
A black-framed floor-to-ceiling glass panel is installed between bedroom and living room to link the space together. By doing so, a feeling of space is created.

Cobrina dining table
Combining the elements of circular and rectangular tables, the semi-circular shape of this Cobrina dining table allows for it to be pushed up against a wall to maximize living space (credit to outofstock).

Peg holes
Curious about the holes on the panel? They are actually designed for the TV cable box and DVD player to receive wireless signals from the remote control. Making the cable box out of sight, the house is neater and cleanser.

Theme: Timeless
Location: Wan Chai
Area: 354 sq. ft

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