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Fill your home with memories

Home is always a place for the family to capture different moments. To the homeowners, their home is a reminder of memory recalling all the moments they have shared together.

‘M’s elements are used to convey the theme ‘Memento’. They include various M-shaped details hidden in the house such as the sliding wardrobe and the wooden wall in front of the bed.

The glass kitchen is designed to be semi-opened so the house owners can enclose and open the kitchen upon their wish.

Feeling familiar with the rails on the ceiling? They are also used in our previous project in Kornhill Garden. This time, there are two wooden hanging rails in the master bedroom. They are not only used for hanging the lighting wires, but also for hanging clothes.

The house is now a combination of aesthetics and functions. Despite all the troubles you meet in the daily life, home is always a haven reminding you of the good moments

Theme: Memento
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui
Size: 950 sq. ft

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