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一念無明 Serenity


其一是在整體設計上減少用櫃。與此同時因為屋主愛好收藏lego,設計師亦為屋主的收藏品設計不同的擺放空間。例如客廳的入牆式電視機櫃、飯廳內入牆式收藏櫃、餐桌旁的裝飾櫃等等。入牆式的設計可以增加整體的空間感,視覺上亦較為整潔乾淨。 其二是全屋以白色、深淺灰色和淺橡木色等相近的暖色為主調,創造出一股寧靜的氛圍。 設計師亦在全屋許多地方運用元素提取,以「無」字中間的「灬」貫穿整個設計。

Inspired by the Buddhist quotes”一念無明”, our designer favours simplification of styles with the idea of “Less is more”. The flat is modernized with the ultimate goal of achieving the theme of “Serenity” .

The furniture was designed with space saving in mind. In order to keep interior as clean and minimalistic as possible, built-in design is adopted for both TV shelf and collection cabinet. This gives a brilliant marriage of modern style and practicality for storing the owners’ car displays and LEGO toys. In coherent with ”一念無明”, “灬” is taken out from the word “無” as the feature design element. Strokes are imprinted on walls, cabinets and wardrobes. A colour scheme of whites and greys on-trend is effortlessly beautiful and helps creates the peaceful and harmonious feeling in whole.

Theme: 一念無明 Serenity
Location: Three Island Place
Size: 469 sq. ft.

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