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2 Modern living room by Mister Glory Ltd Modern
2 Modern living room by Mister Glory Ltd Modern
2 Modern living room by Mister Glory Ltd Modern

A Micro-apartment with All Types of Space Functions in a Tong Lau




There’s a story behind every collectible.

A story frame is setup—different space functions created with the designed arrangement of the walk-in closet. Above the walk-in closet is a bedroom area, with this arrangement, space is also reserved for a sitting area, done according to the owner’s wish. Hallway, sitting, open kitchen, bedroom, and study area are all settled nicely in this micro-apartment.

Collections from all over the world coming into sight once you have entered the house tell you every coloured story. And in this project, indigo is adopted as the main color, along with olive greens and oak wood color. We also combine rhombus tiles into cube patterns for the feature wall in the kitchen. This is what we want to present --- The perfect blend of collections and the interior space.

Theme: Collections
Location: Sau Wa Fong
Size: 300 sq. ft.

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