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classic  by Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery, Classic Wool Orange
classic  by Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery, Classic Wool Orange
classic  by Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery, Classic Wool Orange

For the kilim (woven matting) weaving, within a limited space where the drawn designs are placed, a color weft passed across a perpendicular double row threads at the back and front, from the bottom and top parts, reaching at the border of another design and returning back from its limits. The motive is emerged by means of return movement of different color wefts between the warps. Ingrained habits, religious creeds, customs and morals, geography and beauty of the environment of the relevant weaving region are reflected to the woven kilims.

At first sight, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the back-ground and motives in the kilims. For, the back ground and the motive is an integrated whole. It is a vision of immortal duality. As the symbol signifies an import, the back-ground onto which it is rested, gives another clue be it either in color or in form. In general, it completes its negative, its symmetrical form, in another color. The colors and designs of Anatolian carpets are not selected randomly. Each region owns and makes a statement with its unique style. The color theme and the form of design reaches to the future across many ages, perhaps a millennium, within a chain of radiation. Kilims of Anatolia; is a compact form a reflection of pain and happiness of the spiritual life of the Anatolian people in conjunction with its material needs and expectancies throughout its life that is knead in beliefs which is embellished with fables and endless legends. Material life of the Anatolian folks or messages of abundance, blessing and happiness forwarded to loved ones by the young girls reach to the future in a form of colorful woven matting. Woven matting is the predecessor of the rug. In this context, it is probable for us to witness reflection of patterns of thousands years. In addition, one ought not to forget that, carpet weaving method is more appropriate to symbolism of flat surface scheming. Thus, the detail and accessories are left out of the pattern. Taking in to consideration that the clauses of the message given (the symbolism) are formed as an easily recognizable whole, they are easily understood by the community, thus, created a kind of mystique form of written language. It would unequivocally be clearly evident that ─▒star,a woman sat in front of the loom whose upper side is heavens, the botom the planet earth, the right side east and the left West, unquestionably be a potential force of tradition.

Colour: Purple/Violet
Material: Wool
Length: 245 m
Width: 168 m
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