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Area-17, also called “Brodmann Area 17” or “Visual Cortex”

is the area of the brain that collects nerve impulses from the eyes. At this step, the space around us is just a sum of electric charges.

Area-17 transforms those impulses into images and allows the brain to feel, explore and react at the surrounding world. Area-17 is the core of human being visual experience.

Since the opening of Florence studio, Area-17 has been developing on the core of the contemporary Chinese growth.

After Beijing office, Area-17 expanded to Shanghai, Hong Kong and to Cuenca , in Ecuador.

Area-17 works in interiors and architectural projects are focused on the following fields:

-          Retail and shopping malls

-          Villas and residential

-          Theater and cinemas

-          Hospitality

-          Working spaces

Architecture, Interior Design, and master planning
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