satyam dave photography


New project

Photography - My first Love, My Passion. To me Photography is not just
picking up the camera and clicking photos, but, it is an "ART". I want to show the world, how beautiful things are, want to tell stories, through my eyes, my CAMERA.

I started as a Cartoonist, pouring my imagination onto paper. Then some years back I got my first camera (actually not my own, borrowed it from a friend) and fell in love with photography. Ever since I have been telling stories through my photographs.

I have shot all genres of Photography - Portraiture, Macro, Black & White, Conceptual, Wildlife, on this site, you will be able to see Photos from all genres.

My recent work ભાવરસ (EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE) has been exhibited at an online gallery Art-Alley , Poland. Also, it was exhibited at an art Gallery in Fotart, Poland.

360005 Rajkot