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Tips on hiring a professional building cleaners!

Cleanliness is vital to living a healthy life. It can be a self-hygiene or for the environment around us including our home, office and any other place. Unfortunately, not all of us have time to spend on cleaning or even if we do, we might not have the proper cleaning supplies.

Professional building cleaners are experts that excel in cleaning any buildings inside out. They use special cleaning supplies and equipment that makes your building not only clean but germ-free and hygienic. Most of the cleaning service companies offer a range of timings to suit your schedule, monthly, fortnightly or customised. One of the biggest advantages with them is they know which chemical is suitable to clean a particular surface; this allows the surfaces to stay cleaner and germ-free for a longer time.

However, hiring a professional building cleaner involves some tricky factors to consider. To help you hire the perfect professional building cleaner, we have narrowed down some valuable tips. Follow these points to hire the perfect building cleaner.


Are you bonded or insured? Don’t skip this question, because it may cost you millions. Since cleaning supplies are filled with chemicals, and some of them are hazardous, take for instant marble, using harsh chemicals on marble can erode the shine. What if someone in your home gets hurt or he/she break or steal something valuable? So you must check the contract to see if the insurance clause is mentioned and who is going to bear the damages in case of negligence. If there is no insurance clause, you must insist on including this provision.

Training certificates and license

Certifications in home-cleaning business are relatively a new concept, and it is not widespread. Whether you are hiring an individual or an agency, validate if they are operating under licensed business and hold professional certificates.

Price negotiations

When you make out calls to cleaning agencies, don’t forget to ask a rough estimate to know which agency falls under your budget. Choosing a fixed fee is preferable but if the agency only offers hourly rates be sure to add a “Do Not Exceed price” clause. This will prevent you from going out of the budget and unwelcome surprises. Communicate effectively:

In every single business, communication is imperative just like it is in cleaning business. Don’t forget to inform your cleaners about any pets you have for allergies, or any place that may need some extra attention. Don’t be shy or feel embarrassed since you are paying them to fix what is wrong.

Supplies of the cleaning products

You may probably not know much about cleaning supplies, but still, you need to ask who is going to provide the cleaning products. Please take a look at their cleaning tools and chemicals. Read the labels and ensure that they are legally allowed, not tested on animals and are safe for the environment.

Get some references It is always a good idea to get some reference on the agency or individual before starting the contract. You may ask them for reference from previous and current clients or look for reviews using homify platform.

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