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Xline 3D Digital Architecture
With more than 14 years of experience and a skillset from the fields of architecture, design and IT, our team creates ideas
VAV is interior and exterior design company, developing custom architect solutions, whether it is 2D, 3D, animation, Urban
Omega Render
Hi, we are OMEGA Team! The Team of experts that’s create a powerful non-existent reality. We bring client’s ideas to life
MI Studio LLP
I Studio is established in 2004 with a passion for providing Architectural 3D still renderings, Architectural 3D Animations
Moddo Concept
Mimari 3d görselleştirme ve proje uygulama hizmetleri Ev | Ofis | Mağaza | Kafe | Restaurant | ShowRoom | Fuar Standı
3D Architectural Designer
Mr. Dhaneshwar Remtiya is a profound 3D Designer with more than 14 years of industrial experience. He specializes in 3D
Coohom is an interior design platform that lets you create a floor plan from scratch, drag and drop real 3D models to design
White Crow Studios Ltd
White Crow Studios are content designers who can deliver your future unbuilt environment, unmade product, or unfurnished
We provide drafting & visualization services to Architects, Engineers & Contractors, that is fast, surpassing in
Frameviz specialises in architectural visualization, 3d rendering services, interior visualization.
Vanilla Studio
Vanilla Studio is a creative studio specialised in architecture visualization. Our goal is Producing unique High-End images
Piano Design
We create professional interior and architecture visualizations. Additionally, we design residential and service interiors
Leons Digital Technologies Private Limited
Leons Digital offers Computer Generated Imaging (CGI). We are specialized in Photorealistic Image creation for the automotive
We are a team of designers & 3d artist dedicated to creating  3d images and animations with extensive experience within
JMN design source
JMN Design Source is Architectural Visualization Firm Offering High Quality 3D Imagery Of Architectural.
Lunas Visualization
Lunas Visualization is an outsourcing provider of such services as 3D renderings, 3D animation videos,  Virtual Reality
Creating high quality affordable and creative interactive designs for several purposes: Interior/Exterior Design. Activation
Architectural 3D Visualization and Rendering
Architectural 3D Visualization and Rendering
We provide high quality of architectural 3d modeling and rendering services.We aim to create exceptional 3D images at affordable
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Factors to consider while hiring a CGI / visualisation professional

When you start searching for any professional the first thing you do is to ask for referrals, look into some home décor blogs and search through magazines. Secondly, you try to reach out for a consultation and start the face to face discussion and negotiation. However, it is always preferred to do some homework before you shake hands. Going with the right question bank and information will get you everything you need to know right away. Even though generating computer imagery is a hard work and time to consume. However, the technology is still cheaper than actually building a house and then made changes. A CGI visualisation requires a professional with a unique talent to display a carbon copy of your imaginations. Listed below are the factors to look for when hiring a computer generated imagery, professional?

Familiar with latest technologies

Do you want to impress everyone in your life circle with a beautiful home design? You know you cannot do it without hiring a competent CGI professional. Knowledge is one of the most important factors in every field. For CGI professionals, it is important to have sound knowledge of latest soft wares. These programs include Vector for two-dimensional designs, SVG-edit for illustration purposes, Inkscape to create computer generated effects on existing pictures, and others. It is hard to understand all the terminologies for a layman; therefore you can use the homify platform to search for all the relevant information and ask the questions from the experts before hiring a CGI professional. The portfolio of CGI professionals is also available on Homify so you may hire one of them instantly.


Although it may seem that there are many factors more important than communication, however, the fact is contradictory! Imagery generating professionals need to be good communicators. They need those skills to understand the specific requirements of the client and the technicalities. Therefore, you must ask the right questions to gauge if the particular professional is a good match for you.  To help you out in this matter I have prepared a list of right questions you need to ask before signing the contract: 

·         What packages would be suitable for me? Instead of, what will you Charge?

·         What is the percentage of discount I would receive? As an alternative ask, can you get me some deals? 

·         Have you ever get a chance to work at a venue with the same style and layout? In place of, have you worked at my site previously?

·         Can you elaborate on your experience? Instead of, are you a certified professional?

·         Are there any cheaper packages available? As a substitute, can you reduce your price? 

·         Do you have the right style for my home/room? Instead of, what are the trending styles? 

·         Can you show me where I can cut the budget and where it is necessary to increase? In place of, can you do what I want within my budget? 

Tools to Fund Your Big Why 

It is highly relevant for a CGI designer to have hands-on experience when it comes to using the right tool for designing a customised room/home. Look for new and clever transitions between rooms, good colour selection, wall painting, and architects. Check your gut and ask yourself, is what I see wowing me? 

Negotiate price 

When you are going to hire a visualizer professional, it is evident that no one works for free unless it for a charitable purpose. Same implies when hiring a CGI/visualisation professional. I would suggest to negotiate a fixed price contract and avoid paying on an hourly basis. If you need any assistance to know the competitive rates, you can use the Homify platform to hire a professional or ask any queries from our experts.