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Five essential tips for hiring a General Contractor!

A general contractor is a professional that helps you renovate and remodel your house completely. It is not a much-known fact that remodelling will require a plumber, electrician, surface contractor, furniture contractor, a flooring contractor, and a painter.  The advantage of a general home contractor is they are available with their team of professionals, hence, they will remodel your house systematically. 

Hiring a general home contractor will save you a few bucks and time since you will not have to spend it on hiring individual professionals. When you hire a contractor, you are not only hiring him but a team of professional with different niches that comes with him. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that you find the perfect general contractor. We have listed five essential tips to follow to find the home contractor that is perfect for you. 

Determine the nature of your project

General contractors are usually confused with home improvement contractors. Improvement contractors only work on small things like cabinets, windows, flooring, while general contractors work for long term and big projects like remodelling the whole kitchen which requires more than just one kind of professional. Determining the nature of your work will help you determine if you need a general contractor or just a handyman. A handyman will easily be available while hiring a general contractor may involve legal processes such as signing an official contract. 

Find through Reference

Usually, when a home inspector inspects your house, ask them for a reference, they can refer some good and reliable general contractors having expertise in the field. You can also find some of the best general contractors around the world on the platform of homify and you can even choose the local contractors from the list. It is highly recommended that you hire a general contractor with some reference to avoid the possible mess.

Don’t go for the cheapest

The cheapest can be the most tempting, however, don’t make that mistake. Most Inexpensive professionals usually work with low-quality materials, they do not have much knowledge and experience, and they lack in skill and communication. They will cost you less for the time being, but eventually, it will be a great loss. Search around for the quality first and take a few bids from your area, then choose the one who excels in quality. It may cost you extra; however, it will be a long lasting experience.

Investigate their human resource

The human resource of a general home contractor are his professionals like the plumber, electrician, painter and all the subcontractors he brings. Don’t just investigate the general contractor; ask them the details of his subcontractors. Make sure they are reliable and skilled. You do not necessarily have to go in great details; however, it is a good idea to consider their portfolio so that you are completely satisfied.

Don’t pay heavy advances

Usually, contractors will ask you for a big chunk of advance payment for mobilisation. Give about 10% of the total amount as an advance and make sure you get a receipt for it. In addition to that, it is recommended to negotiate the price of each item in the contract and check the contract for any escalation clauses. Pre-decide all this information and keep it safe in a mutually agreed written contract.

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