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Intense mobiliário e interiores;
Intense interiores is a company dedicated to the sale of furniture and home decor, office, commercial and hospitality spaces
BIANELLA, es una empresa que nace con el propósito de llevar a todas las personas, los mejores productos de decoración para
In our shop you will find handicrafts for the completion of kitchens, bathrooms and other interiors. you can find in our
Indian Art Ideas was conceived with the aim to bringing artists and art collectors closer to each other with little or
Onlywood nasce nel 2001, è stato uno dei primi e-commerce in Italia e si occupa principalmente di prodotti in legno per
Bagno Italia
Bagno Italia nasce nel 2009 specializzandosi nel settore dell'arredo bagno tramite il sito Ad oggi oltre
Evolution Home
Firma Evolution Home powstała jako naturalne następstwo wielkiej pasji, zainteresowań i pracy właściciela. Wykorzystując
allnatura - dahinter steht ein familiengeführtes Unternehmen mit langer Tradition. Das Unternehmen kann auf über 30 Jahre
Good Morning Design
Good Morning Design est le lieu de rencontre où les amoureux du design peuvent acheter et vendre en toute simplicité leur
Casa de Valentina
Blog de decoração e markeplace com mais de 20 mil produtos descolados para a sua casa.
Zajmujemy się produkcją fototapet na indywidualny wymiar klienta.  Nasza baza posiada miliony zdjęć oraz grafik do wyboru
Giordanoshop è un’azienda italiana, dal 2004 ad oggi, è diventata il primo operatore italiano nell’e-Commerce con oltre
Lars Paustian - International Fur
Online Shop für edle Pelze, Felldecken und Pelzdecken - Felldecke und Fell Kissen und Pelz Accessoires aus Zobel, Fuchs,
ITPH DreamHouse Marcin Urzędowski
Początek naszej działalności sięga 2004 roku- wówczas pośredniczyliśmy w wynajmie ekskluzywnych domów i apartamentów . Wizyty - sklep z dekoracjami i wyposażeniem wnętrz specjalizujący się w dekoracjach ścian. W naszej ofercie można
Una gran Pasión y nuestra amplia experiencia profesional nos ha permitido reunir esta gran colección para los amantes del
 Casette in legno, garage, bungalows e gazebo Dekalux    Le casette in legno Dekalux sono pensate per rispondere alle esigenze
Maisondora Vintage Living
At Maison Dora Vintage Living you will find a fine, hand-picked selection of charming antiques and historic country house

Five Requisites when purchasing from Online Shops

As technology advances, the concept of online store grows too. With shopping just a click away, people find it tranquil to buy themselves anything, anywhere. There are plenty of benefits to online shopping. For instance, you can quickly compare the price of many competitors and find the best deal for yourself. You can even scrunch through an entire catalogue in few minutes sitting on a couch in pyjamas on a lazy Saturday morning. Online shop owners not only offer a wide variety of mixed range of products, but they also encompass the renowned brands that have set up their online stores to make the shopping more convenient for their customers. Read further to know some necessary requisites to keep in mind while you are shopping online.

Keep an Eye on Spending 

Everyone love to see the online shopping cart fill up especially if it is a personal shopping Spree.  However, filling the cart may cause you to forget your attached bank account. Although you are not physically paying from your wallet still sometimes it gets tougher to keep track of online receipt. If you are not a regular online purchaser or doing it for the first time, then you must set up online access to your bank account. Downloading the bank’s app will serve the purpose to keep track of online purchases. Moreover, it is advised to download or print your receipts; this will help you in tracking down your orders and serve as evidence in the case of any dispute. 

Look into Rewards Programs 

Most of the online retailers are signing up frequent shoppers for discount or reward programs. These include a range of discounts and rewards through different schemes (ranges from 1% up to 5%) and can save you on overall purchases. Although it might not look like too much but consider the rewards during a heavy shopping season. 

Off-season Sales

Out of season products are marked down during the off seasons. Like if you are planning to buy a winter coat then you must look for it during summer because it is not the season and you will find plenty of online sale promotions and substantial discounts on this product. However, to extract the benefit from these out of season promotions, you need to plan the shopping one year ahead. The only downside is you may get your hands on the latest fashion in the market. 

Experience in the field. Nothing can beat experience

Make sure you know exactly what you require and where to find. If you are a newbie, it is highly recommended to ask for the trusted website to make sure that you get what you are looking for. The highest scam in online shopping is the quality of the product you receive totally differs from what you see in the pictures. Although you may think you have ordered your ideal product, just to be certain you should contact the company by a phone call and ask for any questions, you think appropriate to gauge whether the product specifications are similar as published on the website. Doing that will allow you perceive the company in action as well as it would provide additional information about the product. 


The Internet is full of online scammers. Although more and more online shopping portals are becoming secure still the internet is not immune to hackers. Beware of potential phishing activates, make sure to read the company’s privacy statements and check secure online connections. You  can check a list of online shops available here on homify that are secured and highly rated.