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Six tips to hiring a paving contractor

Are you looking to reconstruct your patio, paving your driveway, adding a pathway, asphalt pad or car parks area to your landscape or resurfacing your asphalt paving? For the right selection of a contractor, an adequate amount of time along a hard work is required. Many factors need more attention than others while hiring a good paving contractor. For your ease, we will now discuss most important points that you should remember before hiring a right paving contractor. 

Ask For a Written Contract 

After finalising your desired contractor, try to write down all details regarding a contract. All minor and major details should be a part of this write-up. Many unprofessional paving agencies have their sales pitch down pat and can fool you easily. Prevent yourself by insisting on writing every minute detail in the contract. The agreement should include the following at least:

·         Payment terms 

·         Total job cost

·         Particulars of the project, such as asphalt thickness and base specs

·         Warranty coverage 

·         Terms and conditions 

Before signing the contract make sure you read it carefully and receive precisely what the contractor sketched during the sales pitch. 

Consider Contractor Credentials 

No one would like to give the contract to a person who is a scammer or a business fraud. Before hiring a contractor, you should enquire about their licenses, reputation, skills and experience. You can consult their social media pages, ask from the homify experts or the people having prior work experience with these contractors. The less experienced contractor might ask for small charges, but you should focus on long-term benefits and should hire well experienced and skilful person that can build a paving having a long life. 

Be Well Prepared 

To avoid uneasiness, wastage of time and money on a later stage you should research extensively about paving materials, measurements and other related stuff. This research work will help to make things crystal clear between you and a contractor. Moreover, it can help you to save money by avoiding the excess purchase of material.

Invite Referrals

The best practice to hire a satisfactory paving contractor is to ask for referrals. Asking your neighbours, relatives, and other friends for a reliable contractor can save your time of researching for a contractor and can also prevent you from future problems. Ask in details about contractor’s skills, their working experience, and end product as well. It would be better to contact those relatives having same paving material and design that you want to build at your home. 

Get Multiple Quotes 

It is advisable to consider more than one quote when tackling any home decoration project, in particular, having three different quotes from contractors are enough. Even though you want to hire your favourite contractor or the same agency your neighbour hired, collect a few more quotes. Let each company know you are collecting quotes from other competitors as well so they quote you competitive price and the short-term deadline to win the project. After getting quotations compare these regarding materials, price, warranty and check for inconsistencies to make the final decision.

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