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Novodeco S.L. es una empresa con domicilio social en Santa Pola (Alicante) dedicada a la rehabilitación, reformas integrales
Somos un estudio de arquitectura. Realizamos  proyectos de obra nueva y reformas integrales.  Nuestro objetivo es acompañarte
En Sincro somos una empresa de Barcelona especializada en servicios de interiorismo,  reforma y decoración. Nos encargamos
QUALIAが手がけるのは、美しいデザインと快適さを備えた「ライフスタイルリノベーション」。 あなただけのオンリーワンの上質な住まいをていねいに創りあげます。 【リノベーション】 QUALIAでは、建築のプロフェッショナルの立場から、不動産
BOWA - Design Build Experts
With a focus on delivering remarkable client experiences and superior construction quality, BOWA specializes in renovations
Somos una empresa especializada en Redistribución de Espacios para Reformas Integrales de Viviendas. Contamos con una excelente
Строительная компания «ИнтекСтрой» выполняет качественный ремонт квартир, коттеджей и коммерческой недвижимости любой сложности
家を建てる/買うというのは手段にすぎません。本当の目的は上質な住まいと共に豊かな人生を過ごすことではないでしょうか。 上質な住まいとは、ライフスタイルが充実すること、リラックスできること、住まいに愛着を持てること。すなわち「住みやすい」ということに
Absolute Project Management
Working in central and North London, we facilitate the efficient execution and delivery of property renovation and refurbishment
Somos una empresa 100% mexicana dedicada al mantenimiento, reparación y remodelación de inmuebles comerciales y habitacionales
건축은 우리의 일상을 담아내는 우리의 모습입니다. 설계부터 시공까지 일원화하여 고객님의 수고를 덜어 드립니다. 리모델링, 건축설계,인테리어 문의 부탁드립니다. tel : 02-2277-7010,
CREA  CASA AMORE RICORDI EMOZIONI.. Uno show room attento alle tue esigenze, una selezione di aziende di alta qualità e
Quadrifoglio Costruzioni Ristrutturazione Edilizia
Operiamo ormai da anni nel campo dell’edilizia e soprattutto in quello della ristrutturazione di immobili, dalla messa in
The Market Design & Build
•RIBA Chartered Practice •LABC Building Excellence AWARDS 2107, 2018 and 2019 Regional Finalist •Best of Houzz 2017, 2018
Entreprise artisanale de construction et rénovation spécialisée dans la pierre naturelle et le travail des matériaux naturels
Somos una empresa de rehabilitación e interiorismo que te hacemos Coaching Inmobiliario. Te buscamos la vivienda, la oficina
Profesionales avalados por una sólida experiencia técnica y profesional, resultado de la fusión de profesionales de reconocida
&lodge inc. / 株式会社アンドロッジ
ARCHITECTURE CONCEPT 2000年に入り、建築はスクラップ&ビルドからリノベーションヘ。 そして現代イニシャルコストからランニングコストヘ視点がシフトし ECOはマナーからプロフィットヘ。 私たちは、そのサイクルとバランス
Nuestra especialidad son las reformas integrales de vivienda y la adecuación de locales comerciales. Nuestro saber hacer

Tips for hiring a reliable restoration contractor!

Restoration of a house refers to the fixation of the house without bringing any noticeable changes to it. If the house you are living in has sentimental value, you may not want to renovate it since it may change the whole look of the house. In this case, you can modestly restore it to keep its sentimental value.

The process of restoration requires specialised equipment and skill; we advise you not to consider the option of doing it yourself. Hiring a restoration contractor sometimes gets tricky and may require some special considerations. The following are narrowed down tips that you should follow to ensure that your home restoration contract is in the right hands.

Get recommendations

If you are scheduling to give your home in the hands of a restoration contractor that you have no reviews for, you are taking a huge risk. It is vital to get recommendations and do necessary research work. Start by asking friends and family about their experiences with restoration contractors. In addition to that, you can also visit your local lumberyard to check which restoration contractor works regularly and has a good image amongst the buyers and sellers. Additionally, you can also check homify for reviews.

Customer service

Always pick out the restoration contractor that is available to you on call or even face to face along with a physical address. It ensures full security and open communication. You can also opt to go to their working sites and see how they are treating the owner’s property and how professionally they perform their duties.  Customer service includes the right of the customer to investigate. Make sure they do not have any hesitation in proving their documents and licenses and are confident about their skills. Furthermore, ask if your selected contractor is willing to give you insurance. If they are not, you can demand it as your right. Chances are if they are honest, they already will give you protection.

Skills and Experience

Without being embarrassed about it, ask for their portfolio or their resume with samples. It will allow you to judge how much skills they have and how much experience they have gained. Skills and experience work side by side since without any one of them, it is hard to achieve skilled work with a touch of perfection. Also, some restoration contractors only work in certain areas of a house, check with their job if they stand up to your expectations and needs.

Legal formalities

Before you start working, check if the company is operating legally and have a license. In most places of the world, it is illegal to operate an unlicensed company. Licensed companies also maintain their quality and are usually the most honest since they do not want to lose their reputation and cancellation of license. In addition to that, make sure to draw a binding contract and add some penalising clauses so that your contractor can not leave you during the project. Read the contract thoroughly before signing it and if you do not understand any term, ask the experts to help you out. Discuss your clauses and finalise on mutually agreed terms. Remember, many contracts have twisted words that may look like a simple and understandable phrase, but they work for the benefit of the company, this is why it is important to read and understand every single clause.