Bathroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

At homify, homeowners looking to design their own dream bathroom can find thousands of style ideas to inspire their decorating project by scrolling through numerous different washroom design styles, from rustic-inspired spaces to futuristic contemporary designs to trendy Scandinavian. When you find something that catches your eye, our website allows users to save pages and make notes about their thoughts using their own ideabook. Using this tool, it’s easy to browse through possibilities and get a sense of how the finished toilet and bath might look. Best of all? If you have questions about your projects, readers can also post on our free consultation page!

How do I design my bathroom? 

When designing your space, the key thing to remember is that it will be a practical, everyday space that provides comfort. This makes it essential to blend aesthetic features with the need to make everything accessible for use, so bear that in mind when selecting your design. The size of the room matters as well. In larger rooms, you can install spacious baths and separate showers, while in medium-sized washrooms this might not be possible. Think about how to use freestanding showers, sinks that are set into corners, and units which mix bath and shower functions. Colour is also crucial – so have an idea of whether you want bold, vivid tones, or something cooler and more relaxing.

What colours should I use in the bathroom? 

Colour sets the tone of any room. Bathrooms are generally styled in whites, pastel tones, and cool tones rather than bright blues, reds, or greens (although red is a very popular shade in Hong Kong). By choosing a lighter set of colours, it is easier to style a room with the right mixture of rugs and towels, and you can regularly switch the blend of accessories to change the room’s mood whenever you feel like it. Light colours also provide a feeling of light (check out this one designed by Ekaterina Donde Design)and space wherever both may be limited, although stronger tones can be effective in larger bathrooms, so there is room to experiment. A mix of turquoise and sea-green can be a really good compromise for normal-sized spaces.

What should I choose for my walls and floors? 

This is an important question. Recently, wooden boards have become a really popular flooring choice, and they create a natural, warm atmosphere in the bathroom that isn’t always supplied by tiles. However, tiling generally wins out due to being both easy to clean and waterproof. Partly, this depends upon what style of bathroom you aim for. A rustic space will look better with plenty of wood. A modern bathroom looks great with concrete and tiles – so get the blend right to create the ideal style. For the walls, white paint and tiles remain popular, but specially designed bathroom wallpaper can be an attractive, imaginative alternative. Kids will adore wallpaper with nautical themes, and the right graphics can make the bathroom a much more interesting place to be. 

What are some ideas for bathroom accessories? 

Accessories are an important element of bathroom design that aren’t to be overlooked. After all, they allow you to quickly alter the tone of the room by changing the colour mix, and they also perform vital functions. Add some aesthetic charm by incorporating sea shells or pieces of driftwood into your design, or add bright flowers to complement the colour scheme of the bathroom walls. Even the tiniest feature like soap dishes or the rubbish bin can add flair to the design, so try to keep everything harmonious and consistent when you build up your portfolio of bathroom accessories. 

What do I consider when selecting bathroom lighting? 

Lighting is an effective way to make smaller spaces seem larger. If your bathroom does not enjoy a large amount of ambient light, then use ceiling mounted or freestanding lamps to create space. You can choose mounted lighting units which are styled to slip seamlessly into modern or traditional designs. Another option for brightly coloured rooms is to use candle light or imitation candles to create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere. It’s also worth considering how to ensure that your bathroom mirror is properly lit to help with make-up and shaving in the morning.