Bedroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The bedroom - A  place of peace

The bedroom is a place that should make you feel calm and relaxed. It is your personal sanctuary and the one place that you can rest from a long and tiring day. However, with the hectic pace of life, especially here in Hong Kong, it is often hard to get the peace that you need. This is why you should ensure that your private room is peaceful by eliminating the source of noise. Peacefulness doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of noise as noise can be found in many forms. Bright colours, too much light or clutter may also cause feelings of unrest. So, to eliminate noise from your boudoir, you should take into consideration your lighting and colour scheme, among other things.

How do I furnish small bedroom? 

Larger is not necessarily better. Just because you have more space to work with doesn’t mean that it will come out better than a smaller space. However, you should take note of what to avoid when dealing with small sleeping rooms. Busy wallpaper, wild designs and loud colours give the impression of an even smaller space. Instead, you should go for lighter colours and keep things as simple and clutter free as you can. There are a few tricks you can use to give the impression that the room is actually larger. By adding more light to the room, using the correct furniture and keeping the layout minimalist, you will have one that looks more spacious. 

Which wallpaper and wall colours should I use in the bedroom? 

This basically depends on the effect you are going for. If you want your room to be loud and dynamic, you may use a bright colour scheme or wall paint. A busy wallpaper will give the same impression. On the other hand, if you must have a peaceful room, choose paint or wallpaper that is light in colour. This eventually boils down to your unique taste and more importantly your lifestyle. If you work for long hours everyday of the week, the last thing you need to come home to is bright and flashy colours. 

What bedroom design is right for me? 

Your room reflects your personality to a great extent. This is why you should completely understand your own preferences. It should also be noted that you can merge different themes, provided they still create an elegant look and feel. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to hire the services of a qualified interior decorator to advise you on room decorating ideas. If you have limited space in the room, ask your interior decorator about small room ideas. Ultimately, every aspect of your room should come together to create a peaceful ambience. 

What bedroom colours are right for me? 

When it comes to bedroom wall colours, you may choose to use paint or wallpaper. Either way, there are a few rules to consider when choosing a colour scheme for your sleeping room. Large spaces give you the liberty to choose bright and vibrant colours, while small ones mean you will only be able to use pastel colours and shades that reflect light. Where can I find bedroom ideas and inspiration? Whether you’re going for a moderate and homey or modern and classic feel, you will find an abundance of ideas and inspiration on homify’s bedroom section. With such a wide variety to choose from, you are bound to find something that appeals to your personal and unique taste. Once you come across an idea that sparks your interest, you can save it to your ideabook with the click of a button. You have the option of adding text to the images, highlighting what you liked best about them. These pictures are then automatically saved to your profile, so you always have access to them. If you have questions, you can also go to our free consultation page.